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Neuroart to Enhance the Experience of Crypto Gamers in the Metaverse


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Neuroart approaches the market with a metaverse gaming solution that aims to solve P2E projects’ struggle to keep a large audience interested in the game.

Their solution will address problems like maintaining a high level of player interest in the game, a lengthy development time, difficulty attracting a broad audience, immersing the player, exciting and varied multiplayer possibilities, and an event loop.

Neuroart’s solution 

Neuroart has seen these gaps in the crypto gaming industry market and is actively working to fill them by developing crypto games that include previously unavailable features. Consequently, Neuroart is instituting a quarterly cycle of events, contests for solo players and teams, and celebrations marking the beginning and conclusion of each Story season. 

The goal is to significantly increase the excitement of crypto games and the degree of involvement and uniqueness. 

And by breaking the story into seasons, the project team aims to keep fans of the game’s narrative interested. 

Difficult times to attract and keep a broad audience

A lot of P2E projects take a very long time to complete. But in this case, Neuroart is not dependent on advanced visual technologies or massive 3D environments, but rather on straightforward controls and strategic gameplay. 

Also, Neuroart’s strategy for combating the problem that most game projects have of appealing to a large audience is to provide the game for free. 

The Neuroart ecosystem will have a number of games set in various environments, all of which will feature similar gameplay and mechanisms. Games based on MMA fighters, automobiles, superheroes, and spacecraft will join the original game on rare creatures. 

Furthermore, they want to draw in a large number of gamers by appealing to both Web3 veterans and newcomers. To achieve this goal, they provide user-friendly controls and interfaces and expand on tried-and-true gameplay elements, depending on the author’s own experience. 

No personal involving experience

When it comes to crypto gaming, the player often doesn’t feel involved. 

At Neuroart games, every participant will have complete freedom to play the game in any way they desire. If a person participates in world events, they will help advance the tale with other players worldwide.

Also, Neuroart players may participate in regular and large competitions, where they can fight and win and gain thrilling experiences. 

Features for interacting with others in a multiplayer setting 

Many crypto-themed games lack robust multiplayer features. 

In Neuroart, there are a lot of ways for players to work together in clans, and the game’s robust economy may let anybody rise to the position of clan head or vital member. Both contestants and visitors will remember the Clan Grand Tournaments for the rest of their lives. 

Looping Events 

Once every three months, Neuroart hosts a worldwide event. Their looped series of events will alternate between major tournaments and narrative developments. As a result, there is always something interesting to do and enjoyable for everyone. Extra competitions mean more chances to win prizes. 

It’s reasonable to say that the project’s lifetime might be as limitless as that of excellent session-based online games, given the ambitions for five games in the ecosystem and their integration into a single hub-universe, as well as the Global Events Cycle. 

Get in touch 

In addition to the pitch deck and whitepaper, you can learn more about Neuroart by following the project on Twitter and participating in the discussion on Telegram and chat.

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