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Jack Dorsey, Bluesky goes separate ways


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Former Twitter (now X) CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey has departed the board of growing decentralized social media platform, Bluesky. The firm made the disclosure late on Sunday that the former Twitter boss has left its board of directors. 

Meanwhile, the rumors about his departure from the firm emanated hours before Bluesky released its official statement. A user on X asked Jack Dorsey if he was still part of the Bluesky board and he responded “no” leading to numerous speculations. Consequently, Bluesky via a statement confirmed that Jack Dorsey had left and the firm is searching for a new board member. 

However, both Jack Dorsey and Bluesky failed to state the reason behind their separation. Instead, in its statement, the platform emphasized that it is thriving as an open-source social network running on atproto, a decentralized protocol designed by the firm. Similarly, the platform stressed its commitment to building a social network that puts people in control of their experience. 

Furthermore, in the post, the firm thanked the former Twitter CEO for establishing and funding Bluesky. Recall that in 2019, when Jack Dorsey founded and financed BlueSkh as a decentralized social media platform when was the CEO of Twitter. 

He revealed in late 2019 that Twitter Inc. was funding a small independent team of about five open-source experts and engineers to design an open and decentralized standard for social media. Then, speculations had it that the platform was designed to rival Twitter due to the huge similarities between the two. 

The project didn’t manifest until its beta launch in March 2023. Thereafter, the platform became available to everyone by February 2024. Despite launching a few months ago, Bluesky claimed that it had already gathered about 5.6 million users. 

How Jack Dorsey Criticized Elon Musk Over Twitter Management 

In April 2023, Jack Dorsey via a post on Bluesky complained about how Elon Musk has been managing X. The Twitter founder said Musk was running the company poorly, arguing that the board shouldn’t have forced the sale of the platform to the Tesla boss. His emphasis on the perceived mismanagement focused on how Elon Musk made the company private. 

Jack Dorsey in the post disclosed that Twitter had few options as a public company that would have favored the firm. The criticism surfaced in contrast to Dorsey’s support of Elon Musk. Before his post on Bluesky, Jack Dorsey once established that Elon Musk was the only solution he trusted for the future of Twitter. 

However, the Twitter founder explained that his trust in Elon Musk was due to how he perceived him to be a better option for the firm than other activist hedge fund investors.

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