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Near Protocol partners Nansen to provide on-chain insights


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Blockchain Analytic Firm, Nansen has collaborated with Near Protocol, a Layer-1 blockchain. In its Tuesday Twitter Post, the protocol unveiled the details of the partnership. As revealed, the partnership is geared towards offering better on-chain insights and analytics for ecosystem developers and investors.

Both Near Protocol and Nansen will leverage the collaboration to offer real-time ecosystem data. More so, it will help them activate vital insights into transaction patterns, wallet activity, and network development, thereby allowing developers and investors to access data-oriented insights into NEAR’s ecosystem.

It is worth mentioning that this partnership signifies a huge feat for Nansen in its bid to foster transparency in the web3 industry. Also, the analytic firm describes its integration with Near as a multi-step process. By virtue of this, users will now easily monitor their NEAR assets using Nansen portfolio. Additionally, the integration features more insights for $NEAR holdersto unlock, particularly with Nansen Query and Nansen Pro in the second half of 2023.

Developers on Near Protocol to access valuable insights – CEO

The CEO of Near Protocol, Marieke Flament expressed the delight of his team on the partnership with Nansen. Flament described Nansen as a great partner that is committed to the success of the web3 sphere. The CEO affirmed that the partnership will enable its community of developers to access valuable insights. More so, Flament said both firms want to advance Near’s ecosystem by bringing better analytical technologies and data-oriented insights to the vanguard of web3 space. He expressed optimism in the potential of the collaboration to enhance the growth and widespread adoption of Dapps.

Similarly, the CEO of Nansen, Alex Svanevik also reacted to the partnership. Svanevik commended Near’s consistency in advancing the course of the web3 sphere. Also, he believes the collaboration with Near protocol tends to help empower developers in the ecosystem. According to the CEO, developers can now develop more innovative decentralized applications, thereby aiding the progress of web3 industry.

Recall that NEAR Protocol is primarily designed to avail developers and other uses with scalable, easy-to-use and fast network. It aims to foster the mainstream adoption and popularity of web3 space. To achieve this, the platform usually offer a good enablement for developers to develop creative decentralized applications capable of fostering users’ experience.

Barely a few months ago, it collaborated Google Cloud to aid the development of web3 startups. As reported by Binbits, the partnership allowed Google Cloud to offer various technical supports to recipients of Near grants. More so, it also paved way for both firms to support developers in their quest to build and scale their web3 applications.

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