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NEAR collaborates Hibiki Run to foster creative engagement on web3


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On Wednesday, popular blockchain-based decentralized application, NEAR Foundation collaborated with Hibiki Run, a traditional Web3 music platform. In its latest blog post, NEAR said the collaboration is geared toward fostering the advancement of the emerging web3 sphere.

Notably, both NEAR Foundation and Hibiki Run want to research innovative paths that enable the creation of engagement between Web3 content creators and end-users. Hibiki Run has, over the years, shown a remarkable commitment to changing the world of music discovery by combining gaming thrills with crypto-driven Listen-to-Earn (L2E) incentives. Driven by the partnership, NEAR aims to combine its outstanding blockchain technology with Hibiki Run’s expertise in digital music, and art.

Similarly, the duo aims to harness “Digital Gachapon,” a vending machine capsule toy as a model. By leveraging this model, NEAR and Hibiki Run will also avail creators with powerful economic tools. The protocol encourages users to operate this Japanese Gachapon by inserting coins into the machine and turning the knob. This procedure will enable users obtain a capsule with andom item.

Meanwhile, Hibiki Run has digitalized the Gachapn concept by incorporating it into blockchain technology. Under this concept, users utilize their tokens to receive digital items such as NFTs or any other unique digital assets. These assets include exclusive music tracks, collectible art pieces, rare gaming items, and access token for specific events or experience.

NEAR said Gachapon comes with an element of surprise and a potential for rare. By virtue of this, it helps transform the token expenditure into an exciting event while also providing an avenue for creators to disseminate their content in an exceptional and more engaging manner.

NEAR aims to advance the web sphere

In the past few months, NEAR demonstrated its commitment to fostering the advancement of the Web3 sphere. In June, the protocol partnered with Seracle, a blockchain cloud project. As revealed, the collaboration was geared towards revolutionizing web3 development. More so, the collaboration enables NEAR to effectively explore the revolutionizing web3 development.

Also in June, NEAR Foundation partnered with MARBLEX to further expand its web3 network. According to the announcement, MARBLEX will offer MBX services to the NEAR ecosystem through its MARBLEX WAEP Bridge.

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