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Nansen partners Kaiko to launch data solution for CEXs and DEXs


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In a passionate bid to launch a reliable data solution for CEXs and DEXs, Nansen has collaborated with Kaiko. The blockchain analytics firm confirmed the development in its Thursday statement and also gave more insights into the collaboration. According to its announcement, both firms want to design a reliable solution that avails detailed data across centralized and decentralized exchanges.

It is not in doubt that Nansen and Kaiko are among the most popular providers of data in the industry. With their collaboration, the duo wants to offer efficient market views of crypto teams and firms. The combination of Nansen’s wallet data and Kaiko’s market data will help users hold holistic views across CEXs and DEXs. This thus enables them to develop analytical and risk management use cases like advanced token analysis, productive market analysis, and sustainable risk evaluation.

Notably, the data provided by Nansen will help users to identify any potential token-related risks. Kaiko’s data, on the other hand, will provide insights into price volatility as well as immediate market fluctuations. By virtue of this, users will be guided in making critical decisions when necessary and also be able to confidently navigate the volatile crypto market.

Nansen, Kaiko to advance price valuation framework

It is worth noting that the collaboration between Nansen and Kaiko will also bring about an efficient price valuation framework. As revealed, Kaiko offers benchmark reference rates that run in compliance with regulations and as well enveloped with a transparent and trustworthy price mechanism. Consequently, these rates harness datasets used by regulators across the globe.

Nansen believes the robust insights availed via its collaboration with Kaiko will foster market analysis, shifts in liquidity, seamless identification of trends, market sentiment assessment, and many more. According to the announcement, the combination of the duo’s broader market data and token analytics allows for an overview of token performance. More so, it helps users to analyze necessary factors like token distribution, liquidity, transaction volumes, behavior of large holders, market activity, and many others.

The COO of Kaiko, Elodie de Marchi made some comments about the collaboration. First, de Marchi expressed satisfaction with Nansen, describing the firm as a worthwhile leader in the data industry. According to the COO, Nansen’s clients enjoy access to quality exchanges’ data for all their business intelligence use cases, regulatory compliant benchmark rates. This, as revealed by de Marchi, empowers the clients to hold holistic views of the dynamism in the market.

Likewise, the CEO of Nansen, Alex Svanevik also spoke about the collaboration. To Svanevik, the data offered by both firms ensure that users hold a complete insight into the blockchain space. Also, the CEO added that the collaboration thus places Nansen Query as one of the most powerful data analytic platforms.

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