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Alchemy Pay launches crypto cards for businesses


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On Friday, Alchemy Pay launched its crypto-virtual card solution. Confirming the development in its latest blog post, the payment solution provider said the launched virtual card solution will help businesses to customize either Visa or MasterCard crypto card programs for their customers. Also, Alchemy said these businesses can now harness its modular API to avail better, fast, more secure, and more convenient payment experience for their clients.

More so, the firm boasted that the solution also allows users to make their payments both online and offline with cryptocurrency. This thus helps to eliminate or reduce usage of fiat or physical cards in making payments. Notably, Alchemy Pay seeks to empower these businesses in offering their customized virtual card issuance offerings. By virtue of this, they will able able to enjoy the flexibility to launch these cards under their own brand. Further, the payment solution provider aims to offer personalized token recharge offerings. These offerings will help empower users to spend designated assets in line with the specific requirement of projects.

Alchemy Pay says crypto cards are denominated in U.S. dollars

According to Alchemy Pay, its crypto card is prepaid-oriented and denominated in U.S. dollars. It plans to ensure global accessibility to the card. Also, the payment solution provider said those willing to explore the card will be able to add funds to their balance via numerous crypto assets including Bitcoin, USDC, ETH and many more.

Also, users are eligible to define the plans for their respective crypto cards. Currently, there are Lite version as well as Standard version on the card for exploration. Each of these versions comes with different monthly limits and application fees. Although, the Lite version requires no KYC process. According to Alchemy Pay, users only need to submit their personal email to experience their first crypto card.

Alchemy Pay added that its crypto cards are accepted anywhere physical cards are accepted. At the moment, the crypto cards are compatible with the likes of Amazon, Facebook, eBay, ChatGPT, Apple Pay, Walmart, Shopee, Google Ads, and many more. Additionally, the cards support numerous global purchase scenarios with users’ favorite brands. In the future, Alchemy plans to add more supports for the cards in a bid to improve users’ experience.

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