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Cosmose AI, NEAR Protocol collaborates to aid web3 experience


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Popular blockchain-based decentralized application platform, NEAR Protocol has initiated a strategic partnership with Cosmose AI, an artificial Intelligence analytic firm. NEAR announced the details of the partnership in its Monday blog post. According to the post, both firms wants to leverage the partnership to expand and improve web3 experience across board.

Specifically, Cosmose AI aims to develop a web3 mobile and retail experiences, thereby enhancing personalization for NEAR Foundation. This, as revealed, will be carried out without sacrificing the privacy or security of the ecosystem. The CEO of Cosmose, Miron Mironiuk described NEAR protocol as one of the most efficient blockchain ecosystems around. The CEO affirmed the commitment of his firm in working with the protocol to advance web3 experience.

Mironuik further that NEAR’s vision for a Web3-driven future aligns with that of Cosmose. As revealed, Cosmose aims to offer individualized experiences to its users spread across the globe. It seeks to achieve the feat through several means, including online, in-store, and mobile approaches.

According to the announcement, Cosmose aims to avail users with access to their data and personalized recommendations by wielding the NEAR Blockchain Operating System and AI-powered retail personalization. As revealed, this effort is geared towards achieving a decentralized and user-focused Web3 future which dwells on the capacities of AI and blockchain. The announcement further revealed that both AI and blockchain will be harnessed to alter current business structures in the retail sector.

Cosmose AI to transform traditional retail business models

By leveraging NEAR ecosystem, Cosmose seeks to transform the traditional retail business models. Through this technology, it will be able to develop hyper-personalized shopping experiences, thereby fostering users’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Additionally, Cosmose wants to harness NEAR protocol to help retailers formulate stronger customers interaction. It also deals with privacy and data security issues pertaining to Web2 retail data collection. Notably, the firm and its mobile app, KaiKai enjoys the trust of notable brands such as LVMH, Richemont, L’Oréal, and Estée Lauder.

Meanwhile, George Raymond Zage III, a board member of Cosmose also gave his remark about the partnership. According to him, the partnership with NEAR protocol further demonstrates Cosmose AI’s strength and capacity to revolutionize the e-commerce and retail industry. Zage III further expressed his delight in the continuous expansion and success of the firm.

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