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Graph Price Prediction (2023-2025-2030-2033)


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Certainly, the interest in cryptocurrencies have started to grow across board. Today, more beginners want to embrace digital currencies so as to meet up with the emerging trends in the contemporary world. Recall that some countries have already adopted the assets as their legal tender or payment medium. This signifies that authorities across the globe are getting ready for the future with cryptocurrencies as a medium of money and payment. Although, as the development continues to excite and attract more beginners to the industry, it is pertinent for them to know that cryptocurrencies are volatile. Occasioned by this volatility, investors need to look carefully before deciding to invest in certain cryptocurrencies. This is where analysts come in, creating forecasts to help beginners get a clue about the crypto. Meanwhile, one of those crypto assets with the potential to gain investors’ attention is Graph, thereby necessitating its price prediction here.

Although, this price prediction will focus on projections for Graph between 2023 to 2033 alone. Our analyst considered the fundamental factors driving the volatility of the token to make these forecasts. More so, the prevailing trends in the general crypto market was also put into consideration. This thus makes any analysis in this piece to be accurate, objective and highly detailed. Although, as a beginner, it is still expected that you make personal research about GRAPH before dabbling into it. By virtue of that, you will be able to personally analyze the prospects of the crypto in line with your financial aims. However, this piece will also aid your knowledge about the background of GRAPH.

Overview of Graph Crypto

Interestingly, Graph crypto is popularly known as GRT. It is currently deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. This token serves as the native crypto of its protocol, also known as Graph. Notably, it is an ERC-20 token, aiding the allocation of resources on its native protocol. According to its whitepaper, GRT can be staked. Occasioned by this development, participants stake their holdings to sustain and fuel the economic security of the network. Meanwhile, these participants are divided into three categories. They include indexers, delegators, and curators. As designed, indexers are expected to stake their GRT holdings to supply services in the query market. But delegators are mandated to delegate GRT to these indexers. As for curators, they are mandated to signal GRT on subgraphs, thereby identifying the subgraphs to be indexed.

Worthy of note that developers of projects on the network pay query fees with GRT. Beyond this, the crypto shares other similar features with other cryptocurrencies in the industry. Just like others, GRT can be traded, received and transferred as a means of value. Today, users can purchase the token on crypto exchanges, like Coinbase, Binance and many more. According to findings, it has a maximum total supply of 10 billion tokens. Currently, it’s circulating supply is 8.82 billion tokens.

Past Price Performances of Graph Crypto

Aside from other notable factors, the price performance of Graph crypto is also imperative in making its future prediction. After our findings, it was discovered that the crypto made its market debut in late 2020. Then, it traded at its initial coin offering (ICO) price of $0.03. Around this period, its protocol, Graph completed a whooping $25 million funding round. This round was participated by numerous angel investors including ParaFi Capital, Coinbase and more. Occasioned by this development, GRT spiked by 2,500% after a few days. With this, it traded around $0.78. Although, it couldn’t sustain the surge for a long time, falling to around 0.23 before the end of the year.


Meanwhile, following the bull run in early 2021, GRT began to spike again. It continued to sustain the bull run till February. A few days into February, GRT rose beyond $1 billion in market cap. At that time, its trading value has increased to $2.88, representing its all-time high at that time. GRT built on this run till April when it recorded a 45% pullback. Then, the crypto began to trade around $1.11. In subsequent months, the Graph crypto traded within $0.71 to $1.

Entering into 2022, GRT has already fallen into $0.6. However, following the bearish trend that stormed the general market in mid-2022, the Graph crypto further recorded a dip. As of June, it was trading as low as $0.10. Unfortunately, GRT failed to record any significant gains since then as the bearish run hits the industry harder. To worsen the situation, the crash of the FTX exchange owing to its alleged illicit relationship with Alameda impacted GRT and other cryptocurrencies. This thus made the token to traded around $0.06 in late 2022, it’s lowest since 2020. Having established the past price performance of Graph crypto, it is now important to do its future prediction.

The Graph Price Prediction 2023

2023 will present a significant progress for the project and the industry at large. During this period, the token will rally between $0.0559 to $0.6801 reflecting a massive surge. As the token will trade at an average price of $0.3061, the market will show a positive change, boosting its market cap.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
October $0.3813$0.4279$0.4891
November $0.4077$0.4803$0.5298
December $0.5601$0.6277$0.6801

The Graph Price Prediction 2024

As 2024 is expected to reflect a continuation of the positive establishments that took place in the crypto space in the previous year, expert expects GRT to attain a market high of $2. Therefore, $0.8745 and $1.2 are the projected minimum and average values of the token in 2024.

The Graph Price Prediction 2025

Market analysts predicted that GRT will not plummet below $2.5 in 2025. Our analysis established that there is a possibility the token will trade between $4 and $6 as it’s average and maximum for the year. The year’s price movement will be facilitated by an overall positive market condition in the crypto space.

The Graph Price Prediction 2026

After the analyzing the previous of the prices of The Graph, we are projected that in 2026, the minimum price of GRT will be around $5.2. The maximum anticipated GRT value is likely to be around $7 with $6 as average value.

The Graph Price Prediction 2027

Due to numerous market pointers, we expect that the price surge from the previous years will continue as GRT will rally high to $6.6. These pointers also projected that the token will record a minimum price of $5 while the average price is predicted at $5.8.

The Graph Price Prediction 2028

The good run from the previous year will continue as the GRT will soar to $9 representing its maximum for 2032. According to analytical estimations, the token will record a minimum price of $7, while the average price is predicted at $8.

The Graph Price Prediction 2029

For the year, considering the potential of the project, experts are tipping GRT to trade between $8.11 and $10.92 as it will enjoy a minimal boost during the year. Additionally, the predicted average price of the token $9.

The Graph Price Prediction 2030

Considering previous price trends of GRT, our prediction for the year indicated that the token is likely to trade in a range of $9.43 and $11. Similarly, our analysis also suggested that the average value may be $10.

The Graph Price Prediction 2031

In 2031, GRT is forecasted to improve in value as the market will witness a significant growth. Therefore, experts expects that this growth will reflect in the value of The Graph token aiding it to reach $13. Likewise, market experts are projecting $12.5 and $12 as it’s average and minimum price for the year.

The Graph Price Prediction 2032

By 2032, experts anticipate a significant price surge in the value of GRT. This upward trend is calculated to attain a high of $18 with an estimated low of $15. More so, on the average, we expect GRT to trade around $16.5.

The Graph Price Prediction 2033

Due to market speculations, we are projecting GRT to enjoy an upward trend in 2033. This price rally could push the token to hit $19 as the maximum price. During the year, GRT is expected to trade at $16 and $17.67 as its minimum and average price respectively.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price


Above all, our price prediction is projecting Graph crypto for a price rally to reward those who retain faith in the token. Also, we expect this growth to manifest gradually resisting any selling pressure. However, the volatility of the token should encourage traders to consider GRT and embark on a personal research before committing their funds to the project.

Though our prediction is pointing to a positive price rally in years to come, yet this piece is not in any form a financial advice. Therefore, investors should not consider it as a justification for their trading activities.

Disclaimer: This review is done by our experts, This is not a financial advice, BinBits is not liable for any lose/damage to any user, Please do your own research before investing in any project 

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