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Mocaverse collaborates CyberConnect to empower its NFT holders


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In a blog post today, a subsidiary of Animoca brands, Mocaverse unveiled its partnership with CyberConnect, a Web3 decentralized social network. The partnership is geared towards empowering Mocaverse NFT holders. Notably, the social network protocol and its scalable and composable cross-chain will be harnessed to operate the Mocaverse web3 membership program.

Worth noting that Mocaverse partner, CyberConnect remains one of the earliest and biggest web3 decentralized social networks. The network came into the limelight to allow developers create social applications for their vast users. Remarkably, users leverage the apps to access their digital identity, content, connections, and monetization channels.

In addition, CyberConnect possesses two user-focused features. One of the features is CyberProfile. It operates as decetralized identity solution, availing easy access to web3 . The second feature is recognized as CyberConnect Social Grap which link users’ digital identity, data, content, and friends.

Meanwhile, Mocaverse runs as the PFP NFT collection of the Animoca Brands ecosystem. As revealed, the project aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and learning opportunities. It also connects people and projects, supports builders, and cultivates a resilient Web3 culture. Notably, the NFT collection comprises 8,888 characters called Mocas. Each of these characters belongs to one of the five tribes namely, Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists.

Mocaverse to empower its NFT holders through CyberConnect partnership

It is worthy of note that the partnership between Mocaverse and CyberConnect would also be geared towards empowering it NFT holders. This empowerment is to enable them build their Web3 social reputation. Also, it tends help establish meaningful connections and co-create value through the various aspects of Mocaverse, including Moca XP, Realm Tickets, and NFTs.

Meanwhile, Animoca Brands Chief Business Officer, Alan Lau gave more insights on the partnership. According to the officer, CyberConnect’s exclusive features such as its scalable and composable cross-chain infrastructure possesses the capacity to play a fundamental role in scaling Mocaverse’s growth across applications. He expressed confidence in the potential of the development to help build endless social adventures for the Mocaverse community. Lau believes that the collaboration offers positive value not only to Mocaverse but to the Web3 industry at large.

Similarly, the CEO of CyberConnect, Wilson Wei affirmed that the partnership signifies a giant step in restructuring social networking and community-building in the Web3 era. He noted that CyberConnect seeks to release the untapped potentials of the internet that allows users to connect, collaborate and co-create the future of a decentralized web.

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