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MANA Price Prediction 2023-2033


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As scores of beginners begin to delve into the world of cryptocurrencies, it is always necessary to guide them towards making informed choices. Recall that the industry is notably ravaged by volatility. Amidst this volatility, crypto experts usually come up with price projections for cryptocurrencies. These price projections serve as guides for investors dabbling into the assets. Worthy of note that these experts usually examine the general trends in the market as well as the internal factors driving a token to make future projections for that particular crypto. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that every investor wants to amass gains and thus will always dabble into any crypto tipped to grow well in the future. However, as the adoption for crypto continues to grow, some investors are focusing their attention on some few assets. One of those assets is MANA crypto, thereby necessitating its price prediction in this piece.

But, it is imperative to note that this piece will only focus on MANA price prediction between 2023 to 2033. Our analyst made extensive research into the various drivers of the crypto and the general market trends to arrive at these predictions. Although, this does not mean investors should not conduct their own personal research before dabbling into the crypto. By conducting their own personal research, investors are at advantage to learn more and thus see if the token truly complement their financial interest. This thus means this article should not be taken as a financial advice. Against all odds, this piece has been designed in a way that it provides accurate, detailed and objective analysis of token. However, before proceeding to make those projections, it is imperative to first do an overview of MANA.

Overview of MANA

Remarkably, MANA is the native token of Decentraland, a 3D virtual reality project. The native token serves as a veritable tool for trading LAND, another native token of the platform and other digital products. By holding the token, users of the platform are able to customize their various avatars, interact with other users and access noteworthy experiences on the platform.

As an ERC-20 token, MANA is used to purchase avatars, estates, wearables, and unique names on the marketplace of the project. More so, the token, just like others, enable its holders to enjoy governance rights. Through this, holders are able to contribute and vote on proposals geared towards promoting the project. Decentraland employs an off-chain voting system for its community. This thus enables holders of MANA to participate in the governance and also create their proposals. Worthy of note that there is total supply of 2.19 billion MANA tokens. More so, there are 1.85 billion MANA in circulation. Just like other cryptocurrencies, MANA can be purchased on numerous crypto exchanges.

Decentraland as the native platform of the token

Worthy of note that Decentraland is a complete 3D metaverse. It is designed on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby leveraging on the smart contracts of the network to build its layered elements. Through decentraland, users can create and monetize content and applications. Also, the project runs as a decentralized space, allowing users to harness LAND. Its whitepaper describes LAND as a transferable 3D virtual space which can be purchased by users. When it is purchased, such LAND is thus permanently owned by them. Owners of these LAND can explore it to creating dynamic scenes, applications, and games. Meanwhile, each plot is an ERC-721 token standard, enveloped with 52 feet by 52 feet size.

Worthy of note that Decentraland possesses a consensus layer. Through this layer, it monitors ownership of LAND parcels. Beyond the exploration of LAND, Decentraland also enables gamers to enjoy virtual reality games. Further, users can create animations, advertise their brands, initiate virtual galleries and many more. Having examined the background of MANA, it is now necessary to assess its past price performance before carrying out its future prediction.

Past Price Performances of MANA

Notably, the past price performances of MANA crypto serves as a pointer for making its future prediction. In late 2018, the token traded around $0.057. Entering into 2019, the token continued to see a dip in its value, falling to $0.035 in February. However, in mid-2019, MANA saw a little surge owing to the trends in the broader crypto market. This thus made the token to recover to least $0.057. Although, the crypto couldn’t sustain the momentum for a while after it began to trade around 0.031 at the end of the year.

Notably, 2020 was more exciting for MANA. Although, it rallied within the $0.056 within the first few months of the year. But, it began to surge in the middle of the year after a remarkable bull run in the market. The token leveraged on the run to spike to $0.1. It sustained this momentum until late 2020. At these periods, it began to see a little decline, ending the year around $0.089.


In early 2021, MANA responded to the general bull run again. This thus allowed the token to return to $0.1. At the end of January, it traded around $0.154. It continued to sustain this momentum to an extent that it spiked to $0.69 in mid-2021. Around August, it still surged to about $0.72 in courtesy of the lingering bull run. Surprisingly, MANA climbed above $1 for the first time in September. It sustained the momentum, thereby ending the year above $3. It is noteworthy that these surges are in connection with the trends of the then market.

Notably, the token continued to maintain the momentum in the early months of 2022. Around April, it traded above $2. However, following the bear market that ravaged the sphere in mid-2022, MANA and other tokens suffered a massive blow. As for MANA, the development allowed it to drop to $1. As the situations in the market worsens, the token continued to dip. Around September, the crypto has already declined below $1. In late 2022, the FTX crisis further deteriorated the crisis for the crypto industry. This development further made the token to trade around $0.3 around December. However, following indications of market recovery in 2023, MANA recovered a bit to around $0.7 in January. Having examined the past performances of MANA, it is now imperative to carry out its future prediction.

MANA price prediction 2023

For many tokens in the crypto space, 2023 will be a rebounding year as the market will thread a recovery path. At the stage, many virtual coins including MANA will rally as the market recovers. Due to that, experts are predicting that MANA will soar to $1.5 as it’ll be the coin’s maximum price for the year. At the lowest, the coin is expected to trade at $0.2968, while averaging $0.8780.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
November $0.8923$1$1.3

MANA price prediction 2024

As the crypto market is gradually taking positive shape, We are optimistic that the upward trend will continue in 2024, MANA could hit $2.89 as the maximum price. Furthermore, the figure will also reflect a remarkable growth that’ll see MANA gain more market attention. On average, the coin is tipped to trade at $2.33 and a low of $1.75 for the year.

MANA price prediction 2025

Studying previous price trend of MANA, cryptocurrency analysts hope that the token might reach a minimum of $2.60 in 2025. Possibly, MANA might soar to an average $3.4. For the year, experts predict the maximum of MANA to be around $4.

MANA price prediction 2026

As the crypto market continues to grow due to more influx of investments into the industry, we project MANA to enjoy outstanding market attention, the coin will soar in 2026 in a responsive pattern to the the healthy atmosphere in the industry. The price prediction for MANA posits that it will reach $4.1 at the minimum level. Additionally, it is tipped to gain $5.2 on average and $6.3 as the maximum price.

MANA price prediction 2027

By 2027, the metaverse sphere will grow owing to the overall positive posture of the crypto market. Then, MANA will continue the price rally it enjoyed in the past. The minimum price could be $6.4 and potentially reach a maximum price value of $7.1 averaging out at $8.

MANA price prediction 2028

Considering expert’s prediction, the price rally from the past years will continue as MANA will rally high to $10.6. According to analytical estimations, the coin will record a minimum price of $8.3 while the average price is predicted at $9.4.

MANA price prediction 2029

Against all odds and setbacks, experts are predicting that 2029 will be another progressive year for Mana. The good run from the previous year will continue as MANA will rally high to $13 representing its maximum for 2029. According to analytical estimations, the token will record a minimum price of $11, while the average price is predicted at $12.

MANA price prediction 2030

Due to the analysis of the previous price trend of MANA by market experts, the following maximum and minimum prices are predicted in 2030, $14 and $17.5. Further, on average, it will trade at $15.6. During the year, the token will also witness some minimal setbacks due to the surging demands of the industry and fierce competition.

MANA price prediction 2031

Based on the analysis of the previous price trends of MANA by experts, the following maximum and minimum prices are predicted in 2031, $24 and $19.4. Meanwhile, on average, it will trade at $22 reflecting an advancing march from the token.

MANA price prediction 2032

Emerging market pointers are positioning MANA to rally high to $33 representing its maximum for 2032. According to analytical estimations, the token will record a minimum price of $26, while the average price is predicted at $29.

MANA price prediction 2033

After analyzing the previous price trend of MANA, crypto experts expect that the token price might reach a minimum of $35 in 2033. It might, however, pump to an average $37.5. For the year, experts forecasted the maximum price of MANA to hit $40.

MANA price prediction 2034

So far, the crypto sphere has placed itself at the forefront of the advancing financial market. Gradually, investors will begin to pay attention to others areas of the blockchain innovation, due to that, we expect Mana to project positive return for the year. Due to that, the following maximum and minimum MANA prices are expected in 2034; $46 and $41. On average, it will possibly trade at $43.

MANA price prediction 2035

Crypto experts have analyzed the prices of Decentraland and their differences over the years. In 2035, they predict the minimum price of MANA to be $47, while its maximum can reach $50. On average, the trading cost will be around $48.9.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price


The prosperity of MANA in the cryptocurrency market will sorely lie in the adoption of the metaverse and its growth. Also, in the past, MANA has exhibited a strong reliance on the condition of the crypto market, thus, the atmosphere of the virtual assets market is another determiner of the token’s price movement.

Nevertheless, emerging pointers from experts are pushing MANA to enjoy a prosperous return in the long run. However, investors should note that this prediction is not by any chance financial advice. Therefore, investors should desist from depending on this piece for their trading judgment. Instead, they should embark on market research, analyze and study price trends relating to the token. Crypto assets including MANA are volatile, so investors must learn to trade with caution.

Disclaimer: This review is done by our experts, This is not a financial advice, BinBits is not liable for any lose/damage to any user, Please do your own research before investing in any project 

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