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L’equipe to launch NFT collection ahead of Ballon d’Or ceremony


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The romance between football and virtual assets has arrived at a new level. The lead organizer of Ballon d’Or, L’equipe, has revealed plans to gift winners of its prizes a free NFT. The organizer made the revelation today via a tweet on its official page.

Accordingly, L’equipe added that its award winners would earn it for free, while hundreds of collections will be available for sale. Alongside its league of sponsors, L’equipe revealed that embracing virtual collectibles has been part of its long-term plan of adding a new dimension to the Ballon d’Or. The organizer divulges that subsequent collections will follow the first collection.

They believed that the NFT collection would help push Ballon d’Or in a sustainable way into the sphere of Web 3.0. L’equipe describes Web 3.0 as a new age of decentralized internet. Therefore, L’equipe believes that embracing NFT would openly project the award as an adapter of popular trends. This move highlights the strong relationship between football and the virtual asset sphere. Undoubtedly, football is gradually emerging as a new force after social media as an agent of popularizing the digital assets sphere.

As part of its plan for the project, the organizer added that it would auction three special NFTs at the next Ballon d’Or ceremony. L’equipe said the rare collection would give its holder VIP access to its next event. After the next ceremony, hundreds of a different collections will be up for sale, the organizer indicates.

Paris, L’equipe, Karim Benzema and the French collection

Notably, the next Ballon d’Or ceremony will be held on October 17 in Paris at the Theatre du Chatelet, France. French footballer Karim Benzema is leading the charge toward winning the grand prize award. This is due to the remarkable success he recorded with his club Real Madrid.

Similarly, Karim Benzema will likely emerge as the first beneficiary of L’equipe new NFT collection. Pundits believe the Real Madrid skipper is at the forefront of potential winners of the grand prize. Currently, L’equipe is enduring heavy criticism for scrapping the “Best striker” award it introduced at the last edition of the Ballon d’Or award. L’equipe is facing accusations of using the award to compensate the alleged rightful winner of last year’s men Ballon d’Or, Robert Lewandoski.

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