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Kucoin wallet partners Unstoppable Domains to aid crypto payment


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On Tuesday, popular crypto wallet provider, KuCoin wallet partnered Unstoppable Domains, a San Francisco-based Web3 domain name provider. The wallet provider announced the development in its latest blog post. According to Kucoin wallet, the collaboration is geared towards fostering crypto payment.

More so, Kucoin asserted that its strategic partnership with Unstoppable Domains will help to make crypto more accessible for everyone by “reducing the risk of human error when sending & receiving crypto, drastically simplifying transactions for its wallet users. Worthy of note that the partnership also allow for the replacement of complex addresses with human readable Web3 domains in KuCoin wallet APP. This thus allows its users to send and receive crypto in a more simple and secure way.

Further, it allows users of the wallet to make transactions in a more user-friendly way with meaningful domain names. Occasioned by this partnership, transactions via domain names in KuCoin Wallet App will now be supported by Unstoppable Domains. According to Kucoin wallet, the usage of Unstoppable Domain allows users to create a blockchain-connected web address similar to a URL. Notably, some of those addresses include Samplename. crypto or Samplename.wallet. Remarkably, these human-readable domains, as revealed by the wallet provider helps to greatly increase transaction security. Additionally, it helps to resolve blockchain addresses and prevent send/receive errors.

Kucoin to bank on Unstoppable Domains to integrate more innovations – Haul

The Head of KuCoin Wallet, Jeff Haul reacted to the development. Haul expressed the delight of the team to work with Unstoppable Domains. According to the head official, the web3 domain name provider upholds a mission of creating user-owned, digital identity for every person on the planet. Further, Haul believes that Kucoin wallet will bank on the partnership to integrate more innovative features in the future. This, according to the official, will help to make Web3 onboarding even more user-friendly and attractive.

Over time, Kucoin Wallet has been consistent in its bid to improve user transaction experience. More so, the wallet provider looks towards exploring new innovations in the evolving Web3 space. It runs as a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet, supporting multi-chain aggregation powered by the KuCoin ecosystem. As a self-custody wallet, it gives users the full control of their digital assets. Notably, it provides users with the easiest way to manage multi-chain assets, enabling them to buy, store, and view NFT collections directly within the wallet. This thus makes the wallet a gateway to the world of Web3 for all crypto users.

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