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Krystal intensifies push for multi-chain innovations, adds support for Solana


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As the move for multi-chain solutions continues to gain ground in the crypto space, Krystal has added support for Solana. In an announcement today, the DeFi platform announced that it has added support for Solana on its mobile app. The firm revealed that users can now store their Solana-based cryptocurrency in its multichain wallet via the iOS and Android versions.

Before adding support for Solana, users can store their assets on 10 different blockchain networks through Krystal Wallet. These chains are Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Aurora, Cronos, Klaytn, Optimism and Arbitrum. The latest inclusion of Solana is a deliberate effort from Krystal to provide crypto enthusiasts with the privilege to store all their crypto assets in an app.

In the announcement, Krystal explained how users can store their Solana tokens through its Android and iOS version. Consequently, the team emphasized its commitment towards advancing users’ experience through different innovations. Also, Krystal pledged to incorporate support for prominent blockchains into its platform as part of its goal for a multi-chain wallet.

With the latest addition, users of Krystal wallet can now manage their porfolio seamlessly, owing to the friendly interface of the application. Additionally, Krystal submitted that users can now send, receive and swap Solana tokens on its intergrated pool, Jupiter Exchange. In its move for a multi-chain posture, Krystal will face stern competition from Trust wallets, Coinbase, Atomic Wallet, WazirX, Ledger Nano S and many others.

Side notes on Solana and Krystal Wallet

Meanwhile, despite the general downturn in the price of crypto assets, Solana has enjoyed a productive year in 2022. Before the recent support from Krystal, Solana witnessed the development of numerous solutions in its ecosystem.

Currently, Solana is the second blockchain behind Ethereum with the largest NFTs collections. According to market data from CoinCodex, SOL is trading at $11.18. The token is presently enduring a sharp decline that manifested few days before Christmas.

Worth noting that Krystal focuses mainly on the swapping of cryptocurrency across different chains. According to the team behind the project, swap options are presently available on Krystal through prominent DEX on its supported networks.

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