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Animoca Brands unveils new collection for first NFTs-powered sci-fi game


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In a thread of Twitter post today, Web3 firm, Animoca brands announced a new development regarding it’s AAA Play-to-earn game. As announced, the game; Life Beyond is the first sci-fi gaming universe powered by NFTs and ERC-20 tokens.

In the post, Animoca brands unveiled new outerwear like Agent Zero Jacket designed by Darewise. Further, the Agent Zero Jacket is a wearable NFTs collection for avatars. The firm revealed that holders of the Jacket will enjoy a pre-sales access for trousers and other wearable items.

Also, users are liable to gain access to unique staking features and allowlists through Agent Zero. However, on the game story line, the jacket will equipe avatars with special abilities. These abilities as revealed by Animoca Brands will aid gamers to undertake top-secret missions and become an exclusive Agent Zero.

Meanwhile, in a separate announcement, the official page of the game; Life Beyond disclosed the availability of its NFT on Prom marketplace. The announcement emphasized the need for collaboration. In that regard, Prom marketplace will offer users the opportunity to trade, explore and lend the LifeBeyond NFT collection.

Animoca Brands push into mainstream adoption of metaverse

In a recent interview, the CEO of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu said we are already living in a pre-metaverse. According to the CEO, the larger global populace now spends about 8-10 hours online. More so, the CEO emphasized on the need why users must have control over their data.

On the web3 space, the tech firm is a major crusader for the mass adoption of the metaverse. On different occasions, the firm collaborated with companies, multinational organizations and prominent individuals to onboard more users into the metaverse and web3 space.

This pursuit birthed the introduction of numerous projects from Animoca Brands. Expanding its presence in the metaverse space, Animoca Brands recently acquired a majority stake in Pixelynx. Pixelynx as reported by Binbits is a metaverse music platform. Animoca Brands acquired the platform to strategically build, invest and design studios.

Similarly, in October, Animoca Brands and Coincheck partnered to promote web3 games in Japan. In accordance with the partnership, Animoca Brands provided web3 specialists to facilitate the growth of the industry in Japan. The collaboration further consolidates the position of the tech company as a force to reckon with in the Web3 sphere.

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