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Kriptomat partners 1inch to aid web3 gaming


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Prominent crypto exchange, Kriptomat has collaborated with 1inch, a decentralized exchange aggregator to aid web3 gaming. According to a blog post, Kriptomat recently developed its GameFi web3 wallet which will now leverage 1inch aggregation API to allow users buy game tokens with fiat currencies.

Through the web3 wallet, Kriptomat aims to explore the $120 billion mobile gaming market. It says the wallet is designed in a way that it gives non-crypto users access to web3 games. Also, the firm added that features in the wallet is user-friendly, thereby making it easy for people with no crypto knowledge to explore. In the blog post, it highlighted the steps for those users to follow to access the new web3 wallet.

According to Kriptomat, it developed the wallet to avail fast, reliable and seamless wallet solution for web3 games. It said it targeted over 800,000 audience who play web3 games regularly. Now, the collaboration with 1inch will enable these users to buy gaming tokens using the aggregator API which has numerous payment options, including SEPA, crypto, credit/debit cards and many more.

Meanwhile, the founder of Kriptomat, Srdjan Mahmutovic talked more about the potential of the web3 wallet. According to him, the solution has the capacity to enjoy easy and fast users’ experience. Mahmutovic added that it also helps to remove the barriers enveloped in web3. He expressed gratitude to 1inch for its technology which will continue to help the wallet expand access to web3 games.

Kriptomat is a registered digital asset service provider in Poland

Since its emergence, Kriptomat has been making efforts to expand its base and offerings. Just recently, it secured a regulatory registration to offer digital asset offerings in Poland. The feat places the exchange under the purview of the European Union and Polish law, particularly as it pertains to KYC procedures and anti-money laundering capabilities.

More so, the exchange also obtained an ISO license for developing, sustaining, and advancing systems, particularly in quality management, regulatory compliance, and many more. According to the Chief Operating and Integrity Officer of the firm, Dejan Davidovic, the new feats demonstrate Kriptomat’s dedication to complying with regulations in Europe and the world at large. Davidovic added that Kriptomat wants to become one of the most trustworthy platforms for crypto users.

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