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Indian Railways to Mint NFT-certificate on Polygon


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Indian Railways in collaboration with ChainCode will be awarding Phygital NFT certificates minted on Polygon to its workers. The development surfaced today after Polygon made an announcement on its Twitter page. As revealed, Polygon established that the NFT certificate is one of the numerous attempts of the Indian Railways to embrace emerging technologies.

More so, the need to revolutionize the Indian Railway operations dawned on relevant authorities of the sector. Therefore, the National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR) initiated a workshop to illuminate the relevance and benefits of the adoption of blockchain technologies in the railway sector. During the workshop, ChainCode explained how the adoption of blockchain can be pivotal to the swift advancement of Indian Railways operations.

Also, ChainCode went on to expose potential factors that can curtail the corporation’s embracement of blockchain. To encourage this adoption, the firm highlighted ways in which the Indian Railways can leverage Blockchain technology. The workshop identified the need for a unified certificate from the NAIR in recognizing certified railway professionals.

Accordingly, these insights birthed the Polygon Phygital NFT certificates. Now, the Indian Railway will be issuing Polygon blockchain verifiable certificates in form of NFTs. With the support of the Polygon blockchain, this Railway professionals certificate will be Traceable, Inimitable, Tamper-Proof, and Durable. The innovation will leverage ChainCode’s NFTrace which will support it with seamless implementation against system limitations and cost.

How Polygon has supported game-changing innovations in the past

Meanwhile, prior to the latest development, the Firozabad Police Department in India designed a First Information Report channel on Polygon. According to a Binbits report dated October 12, 2022, the Police department unveiled the platform citing that it’ll encourage more transparency within its system.

In the past, Polygon has played host to numerous projects that are blockchain oriented. Some of these projects are Disney Accelerator Program, Reddit NFTs, Magic Eden, Meta, Phantom, Nike, Robinhood, Wild Card, Midnight Society, Starbucks, Flipkart, and One Planet Lending Solution.

Consequently, the blockchain network has witnessed an increase in the volume of dApps present on it. As of September 2022, Polygon houses about 53,000 dApps solutions. According to DeFiLlama, the Total Value Locked on the network is $1.05 billion as of press time.

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