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India Crypto Tax Rate: Lawmaker kicks against 1% TDS


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A member of the Indian parliament, Ritesh Pandey called for the removal of 1% TDS as India crypto tax rate. According to him, such removal possesses the tendency to affect the nascent asset class. The lower house of the India’s parliament, on Friday, passed this provision, embedded in the 2022 Finance bill.

The bill, which entailed a 1% tax deducted at source (TDS) proposal also included a 30% tax crypto income proposition. Accordingly, the proposal on TDS will be implemented on July 1 while the implementation of 30% income tax commences April 1.

Opposition to the tax proposal

However, the lawmaker expressed worries as touching the imminent imposition of the 1% TDS as provided in the India crypto tax rate proposal. According to Ritesh, such development on every crypto transaction tends to kill the industry of cryptocurrencies. He vehemently opposed the bill which enables users to incur taxes on the purchase of crypto by a user and subsequent transfer of the funds into a wallet to buy non-fungible tokens. Recall that the bill recommended a 1% TDS at each stage of the aforementioned crypto transactions.

source – Sansad TV

The India’s Financial Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, however, maintained that the TDS on crypto transactions remains geared towards achieving tracking purposes. She further that the proposed India crypto tax rate remains nothing new. In a parliamentary presentation last Friday, the minister remarked that TDS is neither an additional nor a new tax. Despite the justification of TDS by Sitharaman, many investors in the crypto community still align with the claim of Pandey. Many of them however believe the imposition of TDS on crypto poses negative consequences on investors in India.

Reactions to the 1% TDS incurred in the India crypto tax rate

Aditya Singh, a co-founder of the Crypto India Youtube channel commented that the India crypto tax rate, particularly 1% TDS possesses the capacity to stop many traders from daily crypto trading or force them to move into international exchanges DEX. According to him, this development tends to result in liquidity issues, particularly on Indian exchanges. Singh further that the lower trading fee collection occasioned by the development remain likely to lower GST revenue.

Furthermore, Nischal Shetty, a founder of cryptocurrency exchange berated the 1% TDS proposal in the India crypto tax rate. According to the founder, such development possesses the tendency to kill the golden goose. Shetty hoped to see a revisitation of the 1% TDS bill by the government. According to him, a reduction or total removal of TDS possesses the capacity to grow the crypto industry.

According to a report by Chainalysis, the crypto market in India grew from June 2020 to June 2021. This development, however, places India amidst one of the largest-growing cryptocurrency economies. The rigidity incurred in the country’s local laws consequently discourages investors, which thus tends to likely to affect the industry negatively. In view of the gradual crackdown manifesting in the industry, the future looks uncertain for the booming cryptocurrency market.

More so, the India crypto tax rate embedded in the 2022 budget ensued controversies in the minds of crypto analysts. The part of the proposal, recommending a 30% tax on VDAs stated that any loss incurred during the transfer of the virtual asset would not be allowed to be set off against any income calculated under “other” provision of the income tax law.

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