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Gimli, a major Ethereum Whale buys 442.6 Billion SHIB


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According to data on a Crypto tracker platform, WhaleStats, a major Ethereum whale known as Gimli has purchased 442.6 billion SHIB, to make his SHIB holding equal to 1 Trillion SHIBs. This purchase is almost double of his original holding, and this puts him in the 29th position on the Shiba Inu rich list.

The announcement of this purchase was made through a tweet on WhaleStats’ Twitter handle, which claims the purchase is currently ranked as the 5th largest transaction on the website.

Gimli now holds 1 Trillion SHIB

Gimli, a fictional character who is a warrior dwarf from the movie “The Legend of the Rings” and also featured in “Hobbit “, is only a pseudonym. The owner is seen as an Ethereum whale because most of his assets are in Ethereum’s ERC20 wallet. And his coming to the news is due to his recent major purchase of 442,637,867,858 SHIB, valued at $11,561,701.

Furthermore, based on this new purchase, his total holding of 1 trillion SHIB is now worth $38,184,560; at the time of publication.

However, his holdings are not only limited to SHIBs but also include other assets which mostly comprise Metaverse-related tokens. The tokens include Meta, McDonald’s, Youtube, Google, Tesla, Twitter, Swift, Tiktok, etc.

The $1,558,453,796 worth SHIBs in the hands of Ethereum Whales puts the token in the second place of tokens. With the biggest USD value coming behind the FTX token on the ERC20 wallets.

Ethereum Whale buys 47 billion SHIB

Remember BinBits earlier reported a WhaleStats data showing the purchase of 47,743,646,900 $shib valued around $1,275,710 USD at the time. Unlike Gimli’s wallet which uses a pseudonym, the wallet doesn’t have a name, and thus remains unidentifiable.

The purchase puts the anonymous investors as one of the major owners of SHIB tokens which inadvertently makes him a SHIB whale. Prior to the new investment, he already has $100 million worth of SHIB tokens; hence putting him among the top 15 SHIB investors, with SHIB tokens worth $116 million worth at the time.

Additional records also show the Whale’s interest in other digital assets from numerous sources and platforms. The assets worth about $600 million includes Twitter, Youtube and Adidas; with the purchase of Adidas being his largest investment with the market value of about $500 million. His other investments in virtual assets include SAND, Matic, ETH, etc.

Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi Adejumo
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