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GAIMIN partners BNB to foster blockchain gaming


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Popular Web3 Blockchain provider, BNB Chain has partnered with GAIMIN, a Web3 game developer. According to a blog post, the partnership is geared towards developing the world’s fastest blockchain gaming system.

This development comes barely a year after both projects formed a great alliance to develop a solution to help developers build blockchain-based games. As revealed, it plans to connect gamers’ unused PC components to meet the rising demand for data processing power. The platform utilizes an AI engine that efficiently prioritizes the use of computing power based on demand. In addition to this, it empowers users to lend their computer power and get $GMRX in return.

Renowned as a reliable gamining development environment, GAIMIN boasts more than 300 thousand gamers. In the same vein, the protocol helps to meet the demand for massive data processing power through a distributed data processing network from subscribers of the platform.

To use this platform, users should download and install gaimin.cloud on their device. After installation, the platform scans the user’s PC to identify key components such as GPU and CPU. After activating monetization, the platform marks the device as “ready for task” within gaimin.cloud. This allows it to automatically assign tasks based on the device performance, availability, and the job’s requirements.

CoinmarketCap incubates GAIMIN token, $GRMX

Recently, GAIMIN has been gaining traction, attracting interest from prominent companies within the industry. Just last month, Coinmarketcap announced the incubation of its utility token, GRMX. Don’t forget that thistoken was designed to support GAIMIN ecosystem and deliver maximum utility to gamers through its game launcher, gaming platform and monetization engine. In addition, the incubation program was designed to connect Coinmarketcap with trusted organizations that have demonstrated proven strategic ability to deliver innovative products and services within the crypto ecosystem.

In addition, GAIMIN CEO, Martin Speight noted that combining CMC 64 million daily users with GAIMIN expertise and knowledge was the best approach to the successful launch of GMRX token. Coinmarketcap CEO, Rush, also described GAIMIN as the forerunner of Web3 Gaming platform, which allows users to play and earn.

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