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Floki collaborates Pencils of Promise to complete school in Ghana


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Renowned people’s cryptocurrency, Floki has collaborated with Pencils of Promise to complete the building of a school in Ghana. Announcing the development in its Monday Twitter post, the crypto project said the completed project would be inaugurated later today. Notably, the project said it invested in the building as part of its commitment to fostering education, charity and impacting the lives of the next generation.

Over time, Floki as a cryptocurrency project has been unrelenting in achieving these interventions, particularly in Africa. About a year ago, the protocol completed and inaugurated a school project in Nigeria. Notably, the team actualized the partnership in partnership with the Tabitha Cumi Foundation, an NGO backed by the United Nations and the Embassy of Japan.

Remarkably, Floki has continued to distinguish itself from other crypto projects. Worthy of note that it possesses unique PlayToEarn NFT gaming metaverse. Beyond this, it is also consistent in relaying projects capable of benefit people within the society. This thus distinguish the crypto from its contemporaries. Notably, the project aims to build schools in all underdeveloped and developing countries worldwide. Occasioned by this development, it plans to bring a much-needed solution to the gap in access to quality education. As of press time, numerous cities have benefited from the charitable initiative of Floki to develop schools in Africa. Through the facilities, Floki plans to foster transformative change to the community. The project believes by availing various enabling facilities, it can reduce the number of out of school children in under-developing countries.

Floki team building six blocks of classrooms in underdeveloped countries

According to Floki team, the school projects possesses six blocks of classrooms. It also intends to create a technical block fully built with a computer laboratory in those schools. As revealed, it plans to furnish schools with a gate house and completely fenced. The crypto project sees the education as a basic right. Through this initiative, Floki will foster education of cryptocurrencies and the evolving metaverse. This thus means the project is at the forefront of crypto adoption.

Worthy of note that Floki still plans to develop fundamentals capable of positioning it as a force in the crypto industry. In recent times, it launched a flagship utility project, running as a PlayToEarn NFT gaming metaverse. The project was identified as Valhalla. Further, the crypto partnered with crypto e-commerce marketplaces, including Shopping.io, and crypto cart and many more.

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