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First Metaverse Wedding Hosted On Decentraland Platform


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On 4th February, the online world saw its first Metaverse Wedding. A couple from Phoenix wed with their digital identities on Decentraland

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world where users can buy virtual land as NFT using MANA cryptocurrency. The platform uses MANA cryptocurrency and runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, Decentraland claims that this will be the first blockchain-based metaverse wedding to take place, and they are the platform chosen for that, which is unique in its terms. 

“Metaverse Isn’t Limited By Physical Constraints That Restrict Your Perfect Wedding,” Says Decentraland.

The couple, Ryan and Candice, will formalize their marriage with the help of Rose Law Group. Also, the couple tied the knot 14 years ago. Now, they are going to the Metaverse to renew their marriage vows. While they were present at the Rose Law Office on Friday with six people, their avatars celebrated in the metaverse world. The metaverse wedding had a crowd of over 2,000 people.

The law firm provided them with three services. Firstly, the law firm hosted the dream wedding on their estate on Decentraland. Secondly, they crafted the first prenuptial agreement in the Metaverse. Lastly, the law firm will prepare the first Metaverse Marriage License.

Moreover, this prenup and marriage license will be available as NFTs on the blockchain. These NFTs will capture the historic metaverse wedding. The couple minted an NFT art piece of their dog for their guests, who were also present in the meta wedding. Ryan and Candice wanted to do something different to celebrate their 14 years of togetherness. Hence, they went the metaverse way.

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The Wedding Was Quite Chaotic

However, the meta-wedding was not picture-perfect. The 3D world struggled with technical issues. Decentraland was not able to handle the number of guests in attendance. Moreover, guests claimed all the wedding gift NFTs within 20 minutes of the event. Another issue was that Candice’s digital avatar was not visible to some guests.

Some guests didn’t see her, others saw her wearing a dress, and the third group saw her in a hoodie. Furthermore, Ryan’s avatar was left in the aisle. The servers of the Decentraland were causing these technical glitches. When one of the guests saw the issues plaguing Decentraland, they headed to the Instagram page of the Rose Law Group to catch the live stream of the wedding.

Legal experts are not 100% sure of the legality of this metaverse wedding. According to the American Marriage Ministries, couples must be physically present during a legal wedding ceremony. They add that digital counterparts cannot be a substitute for exchanging vows. However, the couple was happy with their decision to have a meta-wedding.

Ryan says, “What better way to expand our love to the metaverse and beyond the realms of the regular universe?” It is understandable why Ryan and Candice went online to renew their vows. During the initial days of the internet, the couple had first met each other online on match.com.

Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi Arora
Jahnavi is a freelance content writer.

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