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Ethereum Foundation Announces $750K In Grants for Academic Research


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The Ethereum Foundation has announced that up to $750,000 in grants will be awarded to fund academic research on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to March 1 post published on the Ethereum Blog, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) announced its intent to create more knowledge about Ethereum and the blockchain technology. In addition, the EF also stated that all project proposals are welcome to be submitted by interested individuals — including research centers, academicians, and PhD students.

Ethereum Foundation Looks To Advance Ecosystem

Without a doubt, Ethereum has continued to evolve so greatly, and quite at an alarmimg rate as well. In fact, its impact cannot be over-emphasized, cutting across arts and culture, cybersecurity, and people’s perspective of Economics and Finance.

However, with this new grant, Ethereum is looking to also bring the academic community into the fold. And essentially, this will help solve major problems in the Ethereum ecosystem and advance its cause. Part of the blog post reads:

“We believe that working to increase knowledge in our community is an investment in the future of Ethereum.”

Meanwhile, according to the post, there already is a fast-growing number of outstanding researchers working on various domain areas related to Ethereum. But as issued in the statement, the EF would like to foster even more of them.

Grant Requirements and Deadline

Ethereum also clarified what kind of research it is looking to fund. Firstly, the post confirms that the foundation will fund formal, scientific and systematic research. But not only that. In addition, it will also sponsor open-access content about Ethereum and other related domains.

Although, all interested applicants can check out the wishlist before turning in their applications. However, the EF has confirmed that it will accept applications for any research topics with potentials of making an impact on the Ethereum ecosystem.

The deadline for this grants round is April 22, 2022.

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