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Element launches Launchpad to aid its community


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Popular NFT aggregated marketplace, Element has launched its LaunchPad. The marketplace announced the development in its Monday Twitter post. According to Element, it launched the launchpad as part of its goal to hunting great portfolios for its community.

According to Element, its main criteria for finding LaunchPad partners include team, product design, creativity, utility, investors, and more. The NFT marketplace believes a good value builder tends to help increase the investment strength of the community. It believed that even though members of the community may lose aesthetic fatigue, but they never miss value acquisition. It, however, called on its potential launchpad partners to emulate how to also launch a good economic model. Further, Element promised to start the launchpad journey by sending a lot of good piece of art/projects with its community.

Element seeking to build a community driven marketplace

Over time, Element has been consistent in its quest to build a community driven all-in-one marketplace with the best trading experience and lowest barrier to entry. It usually avails partners with exclusive pages, collection certification, and launchpad services to boost project development and engagement.

As a decentralized NFT marketplace based on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, it helps to create, discover, and exchange. It provides a value trading platform for both NFT creators and investors. Notably, Element runs on three major perspectives. These perspectives include creators, users and community. Occasioned by these perspectives, the marketplace aims to help a large number of users enter NFTs market. More so, it plans to enhance the integration between traditional market and the evolving crypto economy. Over time, Element received significant upgrades, particularly in regards to changes in the crypto market.

Just last year, Element unveiled its Beta version, with the concept of NFT for all. This led to the beginning of NFT minting on the marketplace. It also completed a total of $11.5 million angel funding round, valued at $50 million. This round was led by SUG and Dragonfly. Some of its participants include Dragon Roark, INCE capital, and a host of others.

Within six months of development, Element aggregated at least 64 million NFTs based on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC chains. As of press time, the marketplace is the world’s largest multi-chain trading platform aggregating NFT assets. Recently, the platform stormed into third place in the world in the dAPP list, with 890%, more transactions, 500% more active users and $214,000 in transactions, thereby reaching the first development milestone.

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