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Cosmos-based Launchpad Eclipse Pad deploys on Sei


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Cosmos-based Eclipse Pad has partnered with Sei, a layer-1 blockchain to aid more adoption by users. As revealed, Sei will leverage Eclipse Pad’s outreach to investors and users to popularize some of its projects.

The announcement revealed that through Eclipse Pad, Sei will be able to launch, bootstrap its launch liquidity and grow its base. Also, it’ll aid users of Sei to invest in future projects and embrace the Sei ecosystem. Now, Eclipse Pad will take up the responsibility of raising funds, acquiring cross-chain and onboard more retail users to Sei.

Additionally, the collaboration will aid projects to launch and list their liquidity pools on top DEX within Sei Ecosystem. The initiative will seamlessly onboard users from other ecosystems and banks due to its integration on Kado and Squid.

The recent collaboration with Eclipse Pad emanated just a few days after Sei partnered with Gravity Bridge. The two projects collaborated to facilitate seamless and safe interoperability between Ethereum and Sei ecosystem. In the announcement, Sei indicated that the partnership will aid users to enjoy the benefits of the two ecosystems. Clearly, Sei is aiming to spread its presence across the industry by collaborating with top projects.

Notable side notes about Eclipse Pad

Recall that Last Month, Eclipse Pad tested its beta version. The protocol as revealed in an announcement commenced testnet for its beta version to address any shortcomings before its initial release. Also, Eclipse Pad used it as an avenue to seek users opionion for possible improvement. The protocol establish that the testnet for its beta version doesnt contain most of the features that will come with the initial release.

In the announcment, the firm provided some guidelines for users to participate in the test phase. Additionally, Eclipse Pad highlighted the key considerations users must put in place during the process. However, the protocol emphasized that participating in the testnet doesn’t guarantee becoming eligible for the airdrop.

Overtly, the project seeks to prove that it’s not just a launchpad. Instead, aims to let users build an ecosystem of launch, acceleration and user acquisition. Eclipse Pad often helps projects to enhance their reach and customers base. More so, the project provides a link between reputable investors and startups. Thus, aiding them to get strong financial support.

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