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DWF labs unveils strategic investment in ARPA


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Leading digital asset market maker, DWF labs has unveiled its strategic investment in ARPA Network, a decentralized secure computation platform. In a Tuesday blog post, the protocol confirmed the investment. Through the funding, DWF labs aims to foster ARPA in its bid to revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

More so, ARPA wants to also leverage the funding from DWF labs to develop new measures for aiding privacy, security and fairness. This, as revealed, will enable the protocol to advance its R&D capability of cryptography and blockchain, thereby connecting it with DWF’s portfolio projects. More so, the development will foster extensive utility of threshold signature scheme within existing multiple verticals in the blockchain sphere.

According to findings, the threshold of ARPA BLS signature provides a stable enablement for the verification of Random Number Generators (RNG). It also helps to safeguard wallet and cross-chain bridges running on multiple blockchain ecosystems. Now, with its investment in the firm, ARPA intends to accelerate the development of projects running on its network. This include gaming, lottery, NFT projects and many more.

ARPA to leverage DWF Labs investment to advance its R&D

Meanwhile, the co-founder of ARPA, Felix Xu made some remarks about the investment. Xu said the investment demonstrates the belief of DWF labs in ARPA’s aspirations. Also, the co-founder expressed optimism in the potential of the fund to help the firm in its journey to democratize reliable computation. He further that ARPA aims to leverage the fund to advance its R&D.

Similarly, Xu lauded the extensive experience of DWF labs in the sector. According to him, ARPA will tap on the experience and resource of DWF to develop advanced solutions for the industry, thereby aiding its growth.

Worthy of note that this development comes barely a few weeks after DWF labs invested in TOPGOAL, a web3 football metaverse. The multimillion investment is geared towards helping the project use AI and blockchain technologies to develop its football-themed metaverse. Certainly, TOPGOAL aims to come up with remarkable virtual experiences for lovers of football in the web3 space. Through the investment, TOPGOAL will now unveil some of its projects before the end of the year. Some of the projects include Football Meta Club, Footballcraft, and many more.

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