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Cross-Chain DEX ChainHop integrates with PancakeSwap


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Popular Cross-Chain DEX, ChainHop has integrated with PancakeSwap, a premier DEX on BNB Chain. The protocol confirmed the development in its Thursday blog post. Occasioned by the integration, ChainHop will fully utilize PancakeSwap’ $2.88B TVL so as to implement swaps on its network.

According to ChainHop, “PancakeSwap has always been part of its progress roadmap.” The protocol believed that the integration will provide its “users with deeper liquidity and more routing options, resulting in much cheaper swapping fees to and from BNB chain.”

Notably, ChainHop sees PancakeSwap as the largest decentralized exchange on BNB Chain. As revealed, it usually enjoy “highest trading volume in the market along with some unique features like futures, lottery, predictions and an NFT marketplace.” Additionally, ChainHop extols PancakeSwap as the “leading DEX on BNB Chain since its inception.”

More so, the protocol says PancakeSwap remains the largest DEX on BNB Chain, having enjoyed a remarkable growth. ChainHop added that the integration with the BNB-based DEX will allow it to efficiently connect liquidity across chains. It expresses optimism about BNB chain as a destination that a lot of cross-chain users visit. Also, the protocol revealed that users are now able to enjoy lower fees and slippage when swapping in and out of the BNB Chain.

Furthermore, ChainHop sees PancakeSwap as a great addition to its “future as a DEX and bridge aggregator.” It plans to bank on the integration to tap into a “significant portion of liquidity on BNB Chain.” Notably, the protocol looks to further integrate more DEXes on different chains in the future.

The exploration of Celer’s IM Framework by ChainHop

Worth noting that this development comes barely a week after ChainHop collaborated Celer Network to further utilize its Inter-chain Messaging (IM) framework. Through IM integration, ChainHop avails users with “a one-click and one-transaction cross-chain swap experience.” Occasioned by the IM integration, the Cross-Chain DEX also “integrated with Celer cBridge as one of the options in bridging aggregation solution.” This thus allows users to directly use Celer cBridge “while it provides the most competitive cross-chain pricing for their bridging demands.”

Generally, ChainHop runs as a “composable omni-chain liquidity aggregation protocol.” It is developed on a cross-chain messaging mechanism. As designed, the protocol usually “aggregates liquidity from leading DEXes and bridges from top-tier chains.” More so, ChainHop helps to ease the experience of user into one click. It also avails users with robust liquidity and cross-chain swap rates.

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