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StarkDeFi partners Chainlink to advance its DeFi offerings


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Popular DeFi solutions hub, StarkDeFi has teamed up with Chainlink, an industry-based web3 platform. In a Wednesday blog post, StarkDeFi confirmed the development, stressing that the development will enable it join the Chainlink BUILD program. By joining the program, the solutions hub seeks to advance its ecosystem and facilitate long-term adoption of its DeFi solutions.

According to StarkDeFi, its DeFi solutions will now be supported by the oracle services provided by Chainlink. Meanwhile, Chainlink aims to avail technical backing and advanced cryptoeconomic security. In return, StarkDeFi will provide network fees and other benefits to Chainlink community and service offerers. The fees that will be provided to Chainlink will be 5% of StarkDeFi’s available native token supply. The DeFi solutions hub sees Chainlink as a notable part of its services, thus looking forward to strengthening its healthy relationship through the BUILD program.

Additionally, StarkDeFi aims to also adopt Chainlink’s price feeds to advance its price prediction markets. The firm believes it would be able to widen the awareness of its offerings and further hasten its adoption through access to reliable off-chain services and backing of Chainlink. Through this, it will be able to successfully onboard next generation of users.

StarkDeFi seeking to further empower its smart contract developers

Over the years, StarkDeFi has been notable for its numerous DeFi solutions. These solutions include launchpad, staking pools, minting services and many more. More so, the protocol also empower its smart contract developers, NFT creators, investors and DeFi projects to achieving greater heights. According to findings, it leverages Starknet tech to avail scalable and reliable solutions to both developers and end-users.

StarkDeFi gave further insights into why it chose Chainlink BUILD. According to the DeFi solutions hub, the program allows it to maximize the benefits of security and reliability offered by the oracle infrastructure of Chainlink. More so, joining BUILD enables StarkDeFi to access vital benefits including Starknet mainnet, Chainlink VRF, beta releases and many more.

Meanwhile, the co-founder of StarkDeFi, Patrick Hemming gave some insights about the development. Hemming said the solutions hub seeks to get enhanced access to web3 services on Chainlink program. This, according to the co-founder, allows StarkDeFi to develop reliable and effective solutions on Starknet. He believes the collaboration will further the relationship between the two firms.

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