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BNB Chain launches practicum program


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Popular distributed blockchain network, identified as BNB chain has launched its practicum program on Patika.dev. The protocol announced the development in its Thursday Twitter post. According to the announcement, the chain launched the educational program as a measure geared towards supporting and empowering the community of its developers.

Notably, BNB chain aims to make the course will be free, applicable and valuable to all developers with a viable DApp proof of concept. It, however, urged the developers to bank on the programme to increase their existing knowledge and further fine-tune some of their expert skills. Further, the practicum program tends to enable developers learn about everything they need to build on BNB chain.

According to the firm, the program will linger for nine months. Occasioned by this development, the chain believes the program will provide guided support through self-paced, cohort-based learning; office hours; mentoring; a dedicated Discord server; community networking events; and exclusive grants upon completion. The blockchain network called on developers to apply to participate in the program. More so, it intends to open applications by December 15th 2022. More so, the protocol plans to start the first cohort by January 13th 2023.

BNB further highlighted numerous curriculum framework of the program. The curriculum includes web3 fundamentals, BNB chain fundamentals, solidity fundamentals and program development on BNB chain.

Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB chain reacted to the development. According to Regina, the move manifested as part of the protocol’s commitment to aiding and empowering its developers. According to the director, the protocol’s decision to partner with Patika.dev will help drive its mission to educate at scale. This, according to her, will facilitate the building of more quality projects on web3.

BNB chain as one of the most active developer communities in crypto spheee

Notably, BNB chain remains one of the most active, creative developer communities in crypto. The chain, has over time, enjoyed the support of group of innovators and entrepreneurs. These innovators further made it possible for BNB to become a layer1 blockchains, thereby availing unprecedented value to millions of people across the globe.

Although, in recent time, the dApps on BNB chain became vulnerable to numerous exploitations. Recall that in October, Bitkeep, a multi-chain crypto wallet suffered a similar exploitation on BNB chain. Reportedly, the hacker siphoned about $1 million through the exploitation after compromising the swap feature of the wallet. Also, in the same month, a cross-chain bridge, BSC token hub, endured an exploitation on BNB. Then, the hacker also stole one million BNB reward and consequently deposited them into a lending platform, identified as Venus protocol.

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