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opBNB to go live on mainnet by mid-August


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Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain, opBNB will go live on mainnet by mid-August. In a Tuesday blog post, BNB Chain confirmed the imminent deployment of the solution, affirming its potential to avail users with greater speed, security, and scalability.

According to BNB, opBNB is designed to harness Optimism OP Stack Bedrock, an open-source modular optimistic rollup. The protocol adopted this Optimism OP Stack Bedrock because it allows for modifications to align with the requirements of the BSC ecosystem. By leveraging it, the opBNB aims to deliver outstanding performance, particularly in gaming, decentralized exchanges, digital collectibles, and many more.

Worthy of note that the testnet of this solution came alive on June 19, 2023. Since then, the BNB chain said the community has been working tirelessly to improve opBNB technology and prepare for the launch of its mainnet. The community evaluated and tested the solution, thereby propelling the processing of over 7 million on-chain transactions since June. More so, the network was connected to about 435,972 unique wallet addresses.

The opBNB network also witnessed massive collaborations since the launch of the testnet. According to reports, not less than 40 dApps deployed the solution on their networks. So far, the testnet achieved an outstanding innovation with lightning-fast block times of approximately 1 second. It processed not less than 86,000 daily blocks, and handled a remarkable daily transaction range of 100-500k.

opBNB features a wide variety of stablecoins

Meanwhile, the opBNB solution features several stablecoins such as BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI and BTCB. Its transaction costs come in two parts. They include the layer 2 gas cost and the cost of Layer 1. The Layer 1 is the cost of submitting batched transactions to the BNB Smart Chain(Layer 1).

BNB added that the opBNB solution also maintains high level of security while leveraging the performance of blockchain technology. It does not make any trust speculations about the Sequencer which is responsible for block production on opBNB.

Notably, every transaction executed on opBNB are usually submitted on BNB Smart Chain and verified by all full nodes. However, it does not have a fault-proof system at the moment.

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