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Binance NFT marketplace launches Fusionist collection


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On Wednesday, the Binance NFT marketplace launched a “Fusionist – Bi·Mech” NFT Collection. The marketplace of the popular crypto exchange confirmed the development in its latest Twitter post. According to the announcement, the launch of the collection will be done through the subscription mechanism in line with the existing NFT or BNB standards.

Binance NFT marketplace describes Fusionist as a scalable and sustainable Sci-Fi universe. It said Fusionist possesses a combination of sophisticated game design and deflationary token mechanics. Its players, as revealed, usually take the role of Mech Commanders and command their Mechs, thereby earning tokens and other NFT rewards.

Notably, the marketplace revealed that the NFT collection will entail five designs in five different rarity levels. These levels include Bi·Mech – Mythical – Ultra Rare (UR), Bi·Mech – Legend – Super Super Rare (SSR), Bi·Mech – Epic – Super Rare (SR), Bi·Mech – Elite – Rare (R) and Bi·Mech – Normal – Normal (N).

According to Binance NFT marketplace, it plans to reward every top ten users who purchase and hold the highest number of “Alpha Prestige – Fusionist” NFTs during its promotion period and the snapshot period respectively. Further, the marketplace highlighted the structure in which it intends to employ in rewarding the users. As revealed, it aims to reward any user that takes the first place with one Azuki NFT. As for second and third positions, the marketplace intends to reward them with One Otherdeed NFT and Two “Fusionist – Bi·Mech” NFTs respectively. Additionally, it plans to incentivize the user with fourth position with one “Fusionist – Bi·Mech” NFT and 50 BUSD token voucher to participants who secure fifth to tenth positions.

Binance NFT marketplace expanding its base with integrations and launch of NFTs

Worth noting, the Binance NFT marketplace, has in recent times, been expanding its base through integrations and launch of NFTs. Recently, it integrated Opensea NFTs. As revealed, it initiated the integration of the NFTs to enable users explore non-fungible tokens from multiple blockchains and marketplace. Also, the integrated NFTs includes majority of Opensea top 200 NFT collection running on the ERC-721 standard.

Additionally, the Binance marketplace launched Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection last November. The launching of the collection manifested after its parental exchange, Binance completed a spectacular deal with the football star. Worth noting that the NFTs capture designs developed in conjunction with Cristiano Ronaldo. As of press time, the collection is now available on the marketplace.

Meanwhile, the Binance NFT marketplace has reiterated its commitment to listing only standard tokens. According to the marketplace, it plans to remove every NFT collection that fails to meet up with specific high-level standards. It further that the development helps to ensure the safety of users. More so, the marketplace wants to continuously review all NFT collections on its network periodically.

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