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Binance invests in CeDeFi firm, BounceBit to enhance Bitcoin restaking


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Binance Labs has invested in BounceBit to enhance the capabilities of Bitcoin beyond traditional storage of value. The venture capital and incubation arm of Binance made the revelation on Thursday via an official blog post

According to the venture capital organ of Binance, the investment in the protocol is part of the firm’s commitment to scouting and nurturing innovators that can design solutions that will shape the blockchain landscape. More so, the investment in BounceBit surfaced when Bitcoin is gaining huge attention in the cryptocurrency landscape. 

Foremost, the token has recorded a significant price rally, aiding it to record a new all-time high, hitting $73,750 last month. Bitcoin is presently trading at $70,277 which reflects a price increase of 5.74% in the last seven days. Similarly, another reason contributing to the attention around Bitcoin is the halving that will take place by April 20. 

In the past, we’ve witnessed how the Bitcoin halving has brought about an increase in the price of BTC. Considering the upcoming price increase of Bitcoin and the halving event, investors are scoping up BTC massively. Recently, MicroStrategy, the highest institutional holder of BTC acquired 12,000 BTC worth $821.7 million. 

Hence, Binance Lab’s investment in BounceBit came at the right time when investors are keeping close tabs on Bitcoin. The investment in the protocol will provide it with the boost of availing its yield-generating offerings to holders of BTC. 

Insights into BounceBit Offering 

BounceBit is designed by a team of experts with vast experience across decentralized finance, traditional finance, and Layer 1 blockchain technology. As revealed, BounceBit is a restaking and CeDeFi protocol that transforms BTC from a passive asset into a dynamic force within the ecosystem.

More so, the protocol participates in network validation and numerous yield-generating activities. Likewise, the protocol’s innovative framework is driven by the focus on making Bitcoin empowerment asset-driven without modifying its blockchain. 

In the blog post, Binance Labs described BounceBit as a protocol that seamlessly merges the best features of centralized and decentralized finance. With that, according to Binance Labs, by combining CeFi and DeFi features, the protocol is focuses on unlocking new possibilities and facilitate yield generation. 

Meanwhile, the CEO and Founder of BounceBit, Jack Lu revealed that the protocol is focused on building a restaking infrastructure to drive the utilization of Bitcoin. The CEO added that it’s committed to ensuring that its offerings are secure and transparent. Lastly, Jack Lu revealed that the investment from Binance Labs will aid BounceBit in achieving its goal.

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