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BAYC movie to hit your screen – Coinbase


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A renowned crypto exchange, identified as Coinbase, recently announced plans to launch a BAYC movie in an animated trilogy. The exchange confirmed this development in a tweet post relayed on the 12th of April. Accordingly, Coinbase intends to improvise a spectacular project, even though the big details still remain very sketchy press time. According to Coinbase, both BAYC and ApeCoin communities become incorporated into the project.

However, the Twitter post, announcing the BAYC movie animated integration refers directly to holders of BAYC holders. The digital firm intends to continuously enlighten users on how to explore the just concluded BAYC movie project. According to Coinbase, the movie in production works by getting a coinbase wallet, submit the Bored Ape, Hide an Easter egg.

Furthermore, the tweet post grossly contained a link leading to a 1980 post possessing a distinct caption. According to the post, the caption reads, “something is coming”. The post also contained a link that connect to the Coinbase wallet.

According to reports, a premiere for the initial three sequels of short animated films comes up in June. The premiere tends to feature an NFT in New York City. Also BAYC movie communities will be featured while compiling for the plot.
Accordingly, the varieties of reactions, commentaries received by the crypto community alerted the development of the BAYC movie series.

How the BAYC movie will be premiered?

This project, however becomes incorporated with the forthcoming launching of NFT. According to Wiliam Swann, Coinbase Entertainment and Culture Marketing Director, the firm remains excited about the new developments. He further that the emergence of the project became motivated by the community of Bored Yacht Club community. The director reiterates the firm’s readiness to work with them in seducing the new movie. He, however characterized the exhibition as North Star in the NFT space.

Additionally, only subscribers who grossly linked their coinbase wallet to the platform become eligible to view the movie. According to Dippudo, an Art creator, BAYC holders overtly give up the intellectual property rights to their NFTs. These NFTs, however, become exchanged for $10000 in ape and Bitcoin, consequently paid into their Coinbase wallet. However, users grossly questioned the movement of their Ape to Coinbase. An unidentified user inquired if there was another means as he is not ready to move his Ape of its ledger.

Another user suggested the diversion of cost of producing the BAYC movie to improving Coinbase Customer service. More so, Users also inquired about Coinbase NFT market place launch which still displays “coming soon” after its announcement six months ago.

According to local media outlets, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club compilations reportedly entered $31 million in seven days sales. Its counterpart, BAYC, however, made $28 million.

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