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Aztec launches local sandbox to foster smart contract privacy


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Fast-growing Ethereum layer 2 network, Aztec, today announced the launching of a local sandbox. According to a post on the network’s X page, the Aztec Sandbox is designed to assist developers in designing and testing smart contracts.

As revealed, the sandbox will provide developers with a “fast, lightweight local Aztec node. More so, the network indicated that the tool has similar features to Ethereum Ganache and Anvil local node packages. 

Furthermore, the layer 2 network described the new tool as a “local developer testnet for smart contract privacy.” The network further labels it as the most ambitious software it has ever produced in its entire history.

While highlighting the relevance of the tool to its roadmap, the network disclosed that the unveiling of the local sandbox is a pivotal step towards the actualization of its endgame. The endgame tag refers to the focus of Aztec on being the “most complete” of any privacy-first network. 

Since its establishment, the network has intensified its efforts to become a total privacy-preserving layer 2 blockchain. Meanwhile, the latest innovation contained a host of “powerful tools and frameworks” designed to suit developers’ preferences in designing a smart contract. 

Some of these tools according to the post are Aztec Node, Execution Environment, Aztec.nr, and smart contract tutorials. Additionally, the layer 2 network revealed that the sandbox will provide developers with a head start in interacting with ZK-native blockchain environments. 

Side notes on Aztec

The launching of the sandbox surfaced shortly after the layer 2 network released its first private smart contract privacy framework; Aztec.nr. On September 18, 2023, the privacy-focused network through a blog post announced the launching of the framework.

The framework is a smart contract language that allows developers to “intuitively manage private state.” As indicated, the Aztec.nr is built on Noir. Noir is an open-source universal zk programming language co-designed by Aztec Labs.

However, to support its ecosystem, on September 14, 2023, Aztec announced the latest round of its grant program. According to the network, since the launching of the program in 2022, about 50 independent contributors have benefitted from the initiative. Lastly, the team is aiming to fund more independent contributors in the latest round. 

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