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Aptos’s Souffl3 raises $2 million in seed funding round


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Aptos Ecosystem NFT marketplace, Souffl3 has completed a $2 million seed funding round. The Marketplace announced the development in a blog post on Friday. As announced, the Souffl3 intends to invest the raised funds in instilling next-generation NFT experiences for creators, retailers, and traders.

Notably, Crypto.com Capital and Synergies Capital co-led the funding round. Other participants in the round include Huobi Incubator, M77 Ventures and J17 Capital.

According to Bobby Bao, Crypto.com co-founder and Managing Director of Crypto.com Capital, Souffl3 introduces smart trading features and experiences that users anticipate when purchasing NFTs to the Aptos ecosystem. Bao expressed optimism that Souffl3 would grossly accelerate the growth of Aptos and NFT trading on Aptos.

Also, Synergis Capital Founder and Managing Partner, Jerry Shi has reacted to the completion of the seed funding round. According to him, the purpose of Synergis is to look out for new platforms that transcend culture with next-generation product experiences. Shi noted that his firm is confident in the Souffl3 team’s ability to create a suite of tools and platforms. He further that these tools help creators to deliver those experiences in a transformational way. In addition, Shi hopes to channel Synergi’s extensive creator IP resources to form partnership that drives market adoption.

Souffl3 is developing a new generation of full-stack NFT networks – CEO

Souffl3 CEO and Co-founder, Rei Kikuchi, also commented on the development. According to Kikuchi, Souffl3 is currently developing a new generation of full-stack NFT networks that can effortlessly connect mainstream life, art, and other assets with the Web3 ecosystem.

Kikuchi explained that presently, once an NFT is created on-chain, only a limited change can be presented, leaving NFTs inherently clumsy. He further that this limited change leads to a challenging narrative for NFT creators. Kikuchi noted that this often leads to creators seeking off-chain solutions to progress their roadmaps forward. According to CEO, this and many more reasons are why Souffl3 is working on developing a full stark NFT network.

As revealed, Souffl3 stays committed to availing users with a more distinguished experience through its refined market and spontaneous trading tools. Recently, it partnered with WAV3 Creator Studio which provides a variety of tools for no-code NFT creation and management. In addition, the protocol also renders backings to creators in the community to enable them concentrate on innovation and community build-up. Furthermore, Souffl3 intends to widen the boundaries of Web3 and Web3 innovation. It intends to introduce the NFT2.0 era by inventing the first MOVE language-based dynamic NFT standard.

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