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Ankr collaborates Mirage to revolutionize web3 gaming


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Popular blockchain infrastructure provider, Ankr has collaborated with Mirage, a notable web3 gaming firm. In a Thursday blog post, Ankr confirmed the development. According to its announcement, the collaboration is geared towards revolutionizing web3 gaming to foster users’ experience.

Ankr describes Mirage as a highly innovative web3 gaming project that has, over the years, advanced the discovery and development of games. Driven by the collaboration, the gaming firm will now harness Ankr’s technological infrastructure to foster its offerings. It is worthy of note that the duo seeks to harness the partnership to provide enablement for gaming developers to develop immersive gaming experiences enveloped with web3, crypto and blockchain features for users.

CEO of Mirage, Kyle Smith explained the details of the partnership with Ankr. Smith described the collaboration as an indisputable game-changer for the gaming firm and the web3 industry at large. According to the CEO, Mirage seeks to leverage Ankr’s state-of-the-art infrastructure to empower developers who are building AAA web3 gaming at a signing scale. Also, Smith believes the collaboration will help provide enablement for players to have real ownership. Through this, he believes Mirage is on the right path to taking web3 gaming to the next level.

Head of Product with Ankr, Josh Neuroth also gave an insight on the collaboration. Neuroth said the collaboration signifies the firm’s commitment to enhancing the use cases of blockchain technology in advancing decentralized gaming. According to the exec, Ankr wants to avail Mirage with the needed infrastructure to develop games that would aid players’ experience.

Ankr focusing on expanding its services to new users

Lately, Ankr has focused on extending its services to new users. Part of this pursuit birthed its partnership with Filecoin, making it one of its RPC partners. According to a Binbits report, the collaboration equipped Ankr to provide Filecoin-hosted nodes services. Consequently, offering a pathway for developers and Web3 solutions to communicate with the Filecoin storage system. Likewise, the collaboration added more computing support for Ankr assisting it to process numerous requests simultaneously.

Worth mentioning that Tron is also an RPC partner of the Ankr protocol. As an RPC partner, the collaboration between TRON and Ankr Protocol aided TRONdApp developers to integrate tools that will ensure high throughput and scalability for their solution. It also provided them with technical assistance that’ll facilitate swift deployment of the solution.

Then, the collaboration with Filecoin surfaced as part of Ankr’s effort to forge ahead after suffering an exploitation in late 2022. As reported, the protocol lost $5 million worth of BNB tokens to hackers on December 2, 2022. Reports indicated that the hackers carried out the attack as a result of a vulnerability in the smart contract code of the project. Shortly after the attack, Ankr implemented an upgrade to correct the deficiency.

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