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New web3 era: BNB launches Greenfield mainnet


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Community-oriented blockchain ecosystem, BNB has announced the public launching of the Greenfield Mainnet. The network made the announcement today via an official blog post. In the announcement, BNB established that the newly launched project will usher in a new era for web3 storage. 

Meanwhile, in the announcement, BNB provided insights into some of the features of the project. Accordingly, the network described Greenfield as a “novel decentralized data storage network.” Additionally, according to the network, Greenfield has a native bridge that is connected to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, it supports the innovation to provide a new narrative in the way users interact with their data in the web3 landscape. 

Basic Features of the BNB Greenfield 

As announced, the BNB Greenfield is designed to offer “high performance” that is beyond the regular standard in the web3 landscape. More so, the project leverages its novel SP infrastructure to process upload and download swiftly. BNB disclosed that while test-running the project, its uplink bandwidth reached 30M/sec. 

Also, Greenfield managed to record a downlink bandwidth of 300M/sec. This landmark speed, according to BNB indicates the “high-performing strength” of the network. Similarly, during the test, Greenfield connected to 150,000 unique wallet addresses. With that, the network processed more than 200,000 on-chain transactions. 

In addition, this remarkable speed is complemented by an in-built access control. This access control feature allows users to upload their data, and apply unique access and usage permissions. Likewise, Greenfield has a cross-chain programmability that allows BNB users to create their complementary data and services. In another innovative approach, Greenfield has an outstanding feature that aids users in designing a data marketplace. Therefore, users can create, list, trade, and sell their data. 

Comments about the launching of Greenfield 

The Senior Solution Architect of BNB Chain, Arnaud Bauer, weighed his opinion on the new project. The Executive described Greenfield as a transformative development in web3 data ownership and economy. Bauer highlighted that the new project will provide users with a decentralized alternative to conventional Cloud services. 

Furthermore, the executive added that the BNB Greenfield will support users to control their data and manage the risk of data loss and hacking. He added that the innovation will provide a way for users to monetize their data within and outside the web3 space. 

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