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Animoca brands partners PMG to build Anichess


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Hong Kong-based game software firm Animoca Brands and its subsidiary, Lympo, has partnered with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a worldwide leader in the chess sphere, to build an “Anichess.” The venture confirmed the development in a Twitter post on its verified handle. Reportedly, the “Anichess” will run as a chess-oriented blockchain game.

As revealed, the game tends to run in a play-and-earn environment. Notably, both firms intend to fully launch the project by 2023. The “Anichess” blockchain game, as reported, tends to incorporate the worlds of chess and GameFi to provide an exclusive gaming experience.

Worth noting that the development of the game will be guided by the direction of Animoca Brand subsidiary, Lympo. This, as revealed, manifested owing to its robust experience and expertise in GameFi and sports non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

During the partnership, Animoca brands subsidiary, Lympo tends to enjoy access to a pool of more than 30 chess grandmasters from PMG. The grandmasters include Magnus Carlsen, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Liem Le, and a host of others. They are expected to offer recommendations, monitor the development stages of Anichess, and further put the project on track as an immersive gaming experience for chess pros and amateurs.

Animoca Brand collaboration with OliveX

Reportedly, this move by Animoca Brand comes a few months after it partnered with OliveX, a leading virtual fitness venture. Notably, the collaboration manifested to develop of a move-to-earn game, identified as Dustland Runner. Additionally, the game emanated as the OliveX signature project. As designed, every participant who completes missions tends to get rewards with DOSE.

Worth noting that DOSE manifested as a fitness metaverse utility token of OliveX. Holders of the token will get an access pass which makes them eligible to undergo Operation Ape missions which provides more rewards. Also, the Operation Ape mission run as a project of the Dustland Runner. It paves the way for gamers to subscribe to missions in a bid to assist a colony of Apes.

Meanwhile, the latest partnership between Animoca Brands and Play Magnus Group (PMG) further highlights the former’s commitment to blockchain advancement. Last month, Animoca Brands also completed the raising of about US$75.32 million in a fresh funding round. Notably, the participants in the current tranche include Liberty City Ventures, Cosmic Summit Investments Limited, SG Spring Limited Partnership Fund, Alpha Wave ventured, and a host of others.

The Hong Kong firm want to continuously harness the raised capital in funding its numerous acquisition investments. Also, it intends to use the funds to develop its products, acquire licenses for intellectual properties. The venture further revealed its ongoing efforts toward promoting digital property rights for online users.

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