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Alchemy Pay partners Fastex to launch virtual crypto card


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Global provider of crypto payment services, Alchemy Pay has collaborated with Fastex exchange to launch a customized prepaid virtual crypto card. In a Monday blog post, Alchemy Pay announced the launch, stressing that the product will support Fastex users to recharge their favorite cryptocurrencies, including USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and FTN.

To empower the development of the product, Alchemy Pay introduced its Crypto Card Issuance Solution. According to the fiat-crypto payment service provider, the offering will empower Fastex with the flexibility to develop the crypto cards. Hence, users of the exchange will now begin to apply and order a Mastercard or Visa card through its website. This simply means the card will be supported by platforms that accept Mastercard and Visa. They include OpenAI API, Netflix, and Amazon.

Meanwhile, Fastex aims to leverage Alchemy Pay’s technical and security infrastructures to streamline the issuance of its card. First, the exchange will use Alchemy Pay’s modular API and its sophisticated payment solution to provide a swift, easy-to-use, and secure payment experience. This will be made possible without relying on physical cards or cash. According to Alchemy Pay, the integration of the payment solution by Fastex underscores its commitment to advancing the security of crypto transactions across the globe.

Worthy of note that Fastex offers a comprehensive Web3.0-oriented ecosystem, hosting a lineup of innovative products like Fastex Exchange, Fastexverse, ftNFT marketplace, and many more. According to the exchange, its development of the crypto card further demonstrates its commitment to making Web3 technologies more accessible.

Alchemy Pay establishing strong presence in 173 countries

Meanwhile, Alchemy Pay has established its presence in over 173 countries with over 300 payment channels and acceptance of 50+ fiat currencies. Similarly, the payment platform seeks to harness its payment industry expertise to thrive in its newly crypto card business. In recent times, it has continually maintained strict compliance to regulatory standards and legal frameworks.

Prior to this moment, Alchemy Pay had secured various licenses in numerous countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Lithuania. It recently obtained Money Transfer Licenses in Arkansas and Lowa, United States. In addition, the payment platform also earned acknowledgment from Visa and Mastercard as an authorized third-payment service provider.

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