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AdaSwap partners Multichain to avail bridging solution


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Next-Generation Cardano DEX, AdaSwap, has partnered with Multichain, a leading cross-chain router. The protocol announced the development in a Saturday Twitter post on its handle. According to AdaSwap, its collaboration with MultiChain will avail a reliable and efficient bridging solution to its community.

Occasioned by this development, users can now swap “AdaSwap tokens directly from the Ethereum network to the Milkomeda network and vice versa through one easy bridge on multichain.” Notably, the Cardano-based DEX platform said Multichain, a renowned cross-chain router, usually supports over 64 chains and holds over 1.7 billion of liquidity. Furthermore, the protocol wants its community to look forward to the native Cardano bridge from Cardano to Ethereum.

Notably, this development comes barely a week after AdaSwap migrated to .com in preparation for its mainnet. Reportedly, it changed its domain name from AdaSwap.app to AdaSwap.com to better represent a global approach. However, the protocol says both URLs will still take its “users the the true website,” but the .com domain formally represents AdaSwap. Having conducted a successful audit testnet, the protocol redesigned its website to become more user-friendly, readable, fast, and accessible.

AdaSwap undergoing massive aesthetic advancement

According to AdaSwap, it also completed other technical aspects and advancements on the backend. It believes that its improvement of the aesthetic aspect of AdaSwap tends to help aid the trading experience of the community. More so, AdaSwap affirmed that it received a warm response from the community on its ongoing aesthetic advancement. This, according to the protocol, was realized through its consistent community engagement and its token price.

Recently, the Cardano-based DEX launched an exclusive Meltdown collection by world-renowned artist Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC). As revealed, DOC remains an artist from Los Angeles “who explores contemporary obsessions, luxury, media, & fame.” Worth noting that the NFT collection “will be linked to real-world redeemable sculptures.” According to its announcement, it aims to mint 300 NFTs and then allocate 30 sculptures to random winners. More so, AdaSwap says redeeming the sculpture require users to burn their NFT.

Through the tier system of its ADANFT, AdaSwap allocates the NFTs randomly to users. More so, the tier system avert “bots from quick-grabbing all of the available NFTs.” Notably, the ADANFT posseses 3 tiers, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum. For its users to acquire a tier, they must hold “1k, 50k and 250k $ASW respectively.” Furthermore, it plans to avail the meltdown collection to Gold and Platinum users.

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