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1inch, Bloktopia partners to aid web3 experience for users


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In a bid to foster the efficiency of its ecosystem, popular decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, 1inch Network has collaborated with Bloktopia, a decentralized metaverse. The decentralized exchange announced the partnership in its Friday Twitter post. Similarly, Bloktopia also confirmed the development, stressing that the partnership will help provide better web3 experiences to its users.

Bloktopia revealed its plans to leverage on the collaboration with 1inch to avail the best prices and lowest fees to the web3 and DeFi sphere. It described 1inch as a project which provides the needed synergy between decentralized protocols. Through this, it helps to foster lucrative, fast and secure operation space among DeFi solutions. Notably, Bloktopia further that it looks forward to harnessing the prospects enveloped in the aggregator to enhance the experience of its users.

Bloktopia, 1inch committed to expanding their ecosystem

Worthy of note that Bloktopia has, over time, been consistent in its quest to improve its virtual reality offering. Just a few days ago, the protocol launched and unveiled its Meta spaces to the community. Beyond this, it also hosted a live virtual reality event on the space. It is interesting to note that the Meta space is the first Metaverse product by Bloktopia.

According to the decentralized metaverse project, the meta spaces are enveloped with bountiful features. Some of these features include fully networked avatar interactions, spatial-volume-varying voice mechanism, elevated stage and many more. Beyond the Meta Spaces, Bloktopia is also working on developing its core skyscraper. Also, the protocol plans to launch the beta version of its wallet in March, 2023. According to recent announcements, the wallet will be available on both Google app stores and Apple. Now, its new partnership with 1inch will further strengthen its ongoing effort to create a better DeFi experience.

Meanwhile, 1inch on the other hand, also remains committed to expanding its ecosystem. Just last month, it unveiled its multi-coin hardware wallet. According to the announcement, the wallet is near its final development stage. This thus means the wallet will be available for public access later this year. 1inch said it explored the grant offered by its foundation to develop the project.

Earlier, 1inch collaborated with crypto wallet provider CoolWallet. The partnership enables users of the wallet to explore its DEX aggregation functionality on the CoolBitX app. With this, they are able to exchange one cryptocurrency for the other at competitive rates.

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