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Zeullig Launches Blockchain Initiative to Fight Covid-19


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Singapore-based pharmaceutical company Zeullig Pharma has announced using a Blockchain-related platform to confirm the authenticity of Covid-19 vaccines. Zeullig Pharma made it known that with the help of the blockchain platform, the organization will be able to prevent other health organizations from giving out expired Covid-19 doses.

Additionally, The organization further revealed that the platform will help identify fake vaccines. With the help of the platform, users will be able to detect the genuineness of vaccines through their phones.

How eZTracker works

Furthermore, eZTracker is a system that employs the SAP blockchain system to detect and monitor encrypted information to a distribution system. Users can use the app to scan QR and Bar codes on their package to detect if the vaccine is from a registered source. The app is also efficient to detect information like temperature level, expiry date, and other important details.

However, the SAP blockchain runs a system that allows users to build special denotation for their standing apps. The SAP contributes a large quota to the World Economy, 77% of transactions across the globe pass through their database.

Information about vaccines is stored in eZTracker system as they pass through different clients in the distribution chain. This will ensure that information about Covid-19 vaccines is not altered. Health practitioners, government agencies, organizations, patients can verify the validity of vaccines by scanning the QR codes on the package.

Zeullig and its involvement in fighting distribution of duplicate drugs

Zeullig has been under the technological microscope of the globe due to its heavy involvement in innovations in the pharmaceutical space. In 2020, Zeullig partnered with another health care organization in Hong Kong to trace vaccines. The organization launched eQTracker to trace doses for deadly “Papilloma Virus; Gardasil” in the region.

Moreso, Zeullig is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Asia and it has been in existence for over a century. Zuelig Pharma is active in the following countries: Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Korea, Macau, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Overtly, the organization has largely contributed to the fight against duplicate vaccines and medications in Asia. According to the UN, Asia is a haven for bad and expired medical products. Lastly, the recent development comes in a bid to further strengthen Zeullig fight against the deadly distribution of duplicate drugs in Asia.

Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi Adejumo
Oluwapelumi believes blockchain technology have the potential to change the world for the better.

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