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Women In Crypto: Study Report Shows That More Women Are Getting Involved In Crypto


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A recent study report has just shown that women are increasingly delving into the world of cryptocurrencies, but that’s not the catchy part. The study also confirms that, in fact, these women may even be investing more in crypto, than their male counterparts.

A Quick Comparison of Men And Women in Crypto Trading

According to the results of the study carried out on Australian crypto investors by BTC markets, some intriguing revelations may have come to light. Firstly, there’s an observation that between the years of 2020 and 2021, there’s been an unprecedented growth of women investing in cryptocurrencies, as opposed to men. Within the said period, women crypto investors increased by a whopping 172% compared to men (+79.5%).

Furthermore, women also beat the men to the average initial deposit. On the average, women are found to deposit around $2,381 compared to the $2,060 that men deposit. However initial deposit for both genders increased in 2021. It might be noteworthy though, that men hold a bigger portfolio size than women ($3,049 : $2,650).

The report also noted that men were not as conservative as women when it comes to daily trading. On the average, men took about 5 trading positions per day while women only place 2 trades daily.

Overall, Fidelity confirms that for the year ended 2021, men were generally outperformed by women in crypto. These women had 40 points or 0.4% on average.

What Exactly Has Changed?

Women outperforming men in last year’s crypto trading does not exactly come as a surprise. The crypto market is generally a volatile one and fully packed with risks. However, as it is well-known that men are bigger risk-takers and women make more conservative decisions in financial markets, this was just the case with the outperformance.

No doubts, crypto adoption is generally on the rise globally. But the way more women are constantly trooping into the space and investing, is what one might want to carefully analyze. Can this be linked to social influence from top celebrities? Or was it always a misconception that women are risk averse?

Maybe, these new findings will finally help dispel the notion that crypto trading is only for risk takers (men in this case).

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