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Why are crypto gambling sites on rampage?


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The crypto industry, has in the past few years, been ravaged by hundreds of gambling sites. These platforms provide an opportunity for gamblers to play different kinds of games with crypto assets. Some of these games include video poker, live dealers, sport games, and many more. Today, these sites are recording widespread recognition and adoption owing to their flexibility in complementing gambling experience with cryptocurrency.

Initially, crypto gambling sites supported Bitcoin only. However, they have in recent times evolved to start supporting other crypto assets like BNB, ETH, Doge, and many more. At the moment, the likes of Lucky Block, CloudBet, MBit, Bitslot, and a few others support a variety of crypto assets for their deposits and withdrawals. Occasioned by this development, gamblers don’t have to convert their crypto asset into another to play games.

It is interesting to note that crypto gambling sites come with lots of thrilling features to attract users. Most of them run with an efficient mechanism that allows swift processing of withdrawals and deposits. However, it must be established that there are still several crypto gambling sites with slow withdrawal mechanisms. In most cases, users of these platforms have to wait for days to have their withdrawals processed. But, it is not in doubt that the likes of Lucky Block, CloudBet, and FortuneJack have rapid withdrawal systems. This thus explains why they enjoy the patronage of a large number of users.

To play games on crypto gambling sites, users must make a deposit in their accounts. However, the minimum in which can be deposited is determined by each platform. Lucky Block, for instance, allows a minimum deposit of 0.0032 BNB equivalent to $1 to play games. After making deposits, users get welcome bonuses to play games so as to win funds.

Is Crypto Gambling on Rampage?

Crypto gambling is presently on a rampage due to its innovative nature. The basic idea behind crypto gambling is to allow users to stake their virtual assets on bets in place of fiats. Platforms that support stakes in virtual assets intend to encourage crypto enthusiasts to patronize their platforms. For users, it will provide them a means of earning without trading or locking up their tokens for a while. Considering how the bear market has affected the prices of most virtual assets, crypto gambling provides users with another means of putting their assets into use and enjoying noticeable returns. 

Consequently, crypto gambling is considered to be another use case of virtual assets. However, most platforms are adopting crypto gambling to provide their users with swift and secure payment gateways. With cryptocurrency, withdrawals, and deposits into betting platforms are quite faster against fiat channels. Due to that, most gambling platforms are offering payment options in crypto to bid farewell to delays in withdrawal and charges. More so, the focus has encouraged many players to venture into cryptocurrency. Beyond any reasonable doubt, gambling has emerged as one of the most effective ways of ensuring mass adoption of virtual assets.

Also, bank and platform charges are one of the main reasons why gambling is currently on a rampage. Gambling platforms have come to realize how banking charges can discourage players from patronizing them. Turning to crypto has indeed without a doubt proved to be a game-changing. Incorporating deposit options with tokens like MATIC, BNB, SOL, and ETH mostly require little or no charges. The adoption of these tokens has attracted users that care about how much they pay as charges for withdrawals and deposits. 


The growing popularity of gambling can be attributed to various micro and macro causes. Many now fancy crypto gambling sites owing to their safety. Due to the decentralized nature of most crypto firms, it is not compulsory for users to disclose their private information all in the name of withdrawal and deposit. Against all doubts, crypto gambling has proven to be more secure analogize to its fiat counterpart. In return, the innovation has gained more media and market attention.

Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye Komolafe
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