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What is Sandbox Coin (SAND)?


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Indeed, the consistent exploration of the digital space has birthed numerous projects. Today, there are already thousands of innovative projects revolving around cryptocurrencies, gaming, metaverse, blockchain and many more. As for cryptocurrencies, it has continued to record increasing adoption since its biggest boom in 2013. Worth noting that the crypto sphere now ranks high amidst its contemporaries, thanks to its adoption in other areas of digital exploration. In many gaming projects some instance, cryptocurrencies have been adopted as native tokens, helping to secure their platforms. Without further ado, SAND, a native token of a popular gaming project, Sandbox suits this illustration.

Meanwhile, just like other forms of cryptocurrencies, the sandbox coin remains one of the available crypto assets available for investors to explore within the sphere. With this article, new and existing investors will learn more about the rudiments of the crypto project, its background, protocol and its potential.

Sandbox SAND: General Overview

As earlier asserted, SAND is the native coin of Sandbox. It runs as an ERC-20 token. This token serves as a gaming token in the ecosystem, aiding all transactions and interactions on the network. Notably, SAND as a native coin of Sandbox enables users to access the platform. Also, it allows them to play games, buy and sell NFTs from the marketplace as well as customizing avatars.

Beyond this, holders of the Sandbox boss enjoys governance right, thereby voting on proposals geared towards promoting the project. Further, SAND enables creators to upload their vowel creations to Sandbox’s marketplace for monetization. Also, gamers earn the native crypto by participating in numerous play-to-earn games on the project. Additionally, the Sandbox coin is usually used to hire game designers, and artists on the platform. It is also used by stakers to stake on the platform, thereby accumulating rewards.

Remarkably, it possesses a circulating supply of 1.3 billion coins and a total supply of 3 billion. Accordingly, Sandbox has no intention to burn any SAND coin in the future. As things stands, the project usually return consumed tokens back into the ecosystem via it’s foundation. This foundation supports content generation process by staking and rewarding creators. Other tokens which run on Sandbox includes Assets and Lands. Assets, for instance, runs as an ERC-1155 token which can be traded on the platform’s marketplace. Also, Land functions as an ERC-721 token. Sandbox users usually purchase Land in a bid to explore it in their games, assets, and interactive exposures.

Sandbox (SAND) gaming protocol

As the native platform of SAND coin, Sandbox started in 2011. It emanated as a reality virtual world powered by Ethereum blockchain. However, in 2017, the space became upgraded to the 3 dimensional gaming protocol. Remarkably, the platform enables users to develop, manage and monitize their experiences in the arena. creates a platform for subscribers to initiate, own, play and monetize all their experiences and innovations in the virtual arena. Through its play-to-earn technique, Sandbox allows gamers to enjoy remarkable gaming for experiences.

Over time, Sandbox has continued to empower its developers, gamers and more, thereby expanding its community. As a measure geared towards aiding players, it allows them to explore Non-fungible tokens and DAOs. Through its utility token More so, sandbox usually avails a native utility token, identified as SAND, Sandbox users usually secure access to series of privileges on the space.

The gaming platform on Sandbox is blockchain-oriented. It paves the way for easy creation of UGC, identified as User Generated Content. Here, subscribers obtain virtual ownership for their respective gaming content.

Features and distinctiveness of the project

The Sandbox is a Major player in the virtual reality sphere, the metaverse in particular. This is because the platform is one of the forerunners of blockchain technology in the gaming sphere. Sandbox is one of the pioneers of the earning model in the gaming sector. The platform gives gamers the freedom to create and design their content, giving a huge sense of belonging to the project.

For Sandbox, gamers are at the forefront of its business model. The platform concentrates on user-generated content. Nonetheless, the importance of Sand to the Sandbox long-term project vision can not be over-emphasized. As a forerunner of innovations in the blockchain-gaming sector, Sandbox through Sand established the reasons why projects in the sphere must have a DAO.

Now, Sandbox has attracted celebrities and users of top personalities to its platform. Exposing them to owning virtual assets like Sand, NFTs and other cryptocurrency. To some extent, the platform has been crucial in the push for the global adoption of cryptocurrency.

Techniques on Sandbox (SAND)


Notably, the platform boasts of voxedit as one of its major techniques. Occasioned by this feature, subscribers of the platform seamlessly create their own NFT collection. Further, this technique runs in a 3-dimensional way, thereby enabling users to animate 3D contents. This thus entails animals, humans, and a host of others. After creating the contents, users then move them to the marketplace of the platform.


More so, the Sandbox metaverse possesses a marketplace. Occasioned by this marketplace, users are able to seamlessly upload their animations carried out through Voxedit. To achieve this, creators of contents usually upload the NFTs into a network identified as IPFS. Thus network runs as a decentralized repository for the creations. Then, creators ensures their registration with the blockchain. Through this, they will be able to authenticate their ownership of the creation. Notably, through the marketplace, the creation can be sold to interested buyers at specific prices.

Game maker

As a technique on Sandbox, it allows creators to invent 3-dimensional games for free without any stress. More so, the game maker is highly user-friendly. With it, users need no high knowledge on codes to develop their games. As designed, the technique possesses a visual scripting tools which helps to simplify creation of games by users without any charges.

Other tokens on Sandbox Sand

It’s imperative to note that Sandbox is a multi-token platform, It has numerous tokens that exist alongside Sand. Every token on the platform has usefulness, thus having an impact on the Sandbox ecosystem. However, their responsibility doesn’t overlap with each other, instead, they co-exist to add value to the ecosystem. Other tokens on the platform include those that exist on the Sandbox alongside Sand are Land and Assets. With their names, one can easily deduce their role in the Sandbox game system.

Further, Land is an NFT-type coin, it can be referred to as virtual real estate element that utilises ERC-721 NFT standard issued on Ethereum. With the token users can earn passively throughout their gaming experience on Sandbox. Notably, players can acquire Land with Sand or Eth on Public sales, Sandbox in-built marketplace and other NFT marketplace.

Assets are in-game objects, or NFTs, that are designed by gamers on Sanbox. Voxel models are designed with VoxEdit, gamers can trade them in the Sandbox in-built Marketplace. Worth noting that Sand remains the bedrock of the Sandbox tokenization structure. Other tokens on the platform play more of a complimentary role to support the Sand. Therefore, contributing to the popularity of Sand among gamers on the platform and in the cryptocurrency space at large.

Side Notes on the Project

Notably, Sandbox (SAND) firm started in 2011. The company was initially a mobile gaming platform to rival Minecraft. Then, it saw the limelight of the day, recording about 40 million downloads. However, later, Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget decided to go beyond mobile gaming and explore the potential of creating a 3D metaverse on the blockchain.

They intend to enable gamers own their creations as NFTs and get rewarded by participating in the ecosystem. After several concerted efforts, a new Sandbox project became unveiled in 2020. The project, as reported, became one of the fastest-growing games in the crypto world. Ever since, Sandbox has continued to develop numerous gaming projects for iOS and Android smart phones.

Currently, Artuhru Madrid is the CEO and Director of The Sandbox. Madrid is a renowned and accomplished gaming enterpreneur. Aside the Sandbox, he is the co-founder of Pixowl and a board member of Animoca Brands.

Just last year, the Sandbox (SAND) completed a $93 million in funding from investors. Notably, the round was led by the Japanese mobile giant SoftBank. Also, the gaming project, has over time, continued to engage in numerous partnerships to expand the metaverse. It attracted over 50 partnerships, including Atari, a famous gaming company, CryptoKitties, The Walking Dead, and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

Final Thoughts

Sandbox is a prominent platform in the industry for its heavy contribution to the growing popularity of the Metaverse initiative. Though, the sector hasn’t enjoyed much attention lately due to the prevailing bear market. Nevertheless, Sandbox had been in the middle of the remarkable growth the industry has recorded. Contributing and benefiting from this success is Sand, to some extent, the token will soar more if Sandbox records more success.

Above every doubt, Sandbox has proven that it can stand the test of time, growing through different stages of evolution. The current situation of Sand will improve for better when normalcy returns to the market. So, it is safe to submit that investors must be careful and study market trends before committing their funds to sand.

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