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WhaleSwap advances blockchain compatibility to Kava network


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WhaleSwap has joined the Kava network in a bid to proceed with its quest of delivering the best-priced stable swaps for investors. In a Twitter post today, the Kava network confirmed the integration, stating that it will aid WhaleSwap to offer the lowest slippage.

According to the post, WhaleSwap established full confidence in its exodus to the Kava network. As revealed, the team said the Kava network has “exponential growth,” and it’s honored to partake in the advancement of the Kava Rise program.

Meanwhile, WhaleSwap is a decentralized exchange that aids investors to maximize their capital efficiency and yield through its hybrid liquidity pools. Now, the DEX will leverage Kava’s speeed and interoperability to advance its services and enhance users experience. This will become possible through Kava network’s strength as a result of its reliance on the Ethereum and Cosmos network.

Highlight of WhaleSwap and Kava network’s features

As a next-generation DEX that maximizes capital efficiency through its innovative Discretized-Liquidity-AMM model, WhaleSwap is committed to integrate on numerous chains. Presently, the DEX is compatible with top ecosystems like BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, Kava, and many others.

More so, according to DeFiLima, the Total Value Locked on WhaleSwap is about $66,171 as of press time. However, prior to the advancement of WhaleSwap to Kava, the network embraced numerous projects in the DeFi space. Consequently, aiding their growth to gain investors’ attention in the industry.

Additionally, the network employs a developer-optimized co-chain system with its combination of Cosmos and Ethereum. The Ethereum Co-chain aids support for EVM smart contracts. Likewise, the Cosmos Co-chain enables swift Tendermint consensus engine and inter Blockchain Communication Protocol.

Worth noting that the Kava network is under the guidance of KAVADAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The network is under the control of stakers and validators, giving them the responsibility to propose and vote on changes that will aid the advancement of the network. Now, both WhaleSwap and Kava network will benefit from the recent collaboration as it will attract more users for them.

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