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Top of OASIS is the first metaverse hackathon hosted by aelf


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On December 12, 2021, Singapore.

Doors to aelf’s first metaverse-themed hackathon, Top of OASIS, were opened 12th of December 2021.

Participants were allowed to acknowledge their projects. The last date for the same is 9th of Feb, 2022. Winners will get their prizes on 15th of February, 2022 out of the total amount of $680,000.

OASIS Hackathon’s overhead intends to support and promote initial-stage projects and encourage thoughts from open-source builders communities. This enables the individuals and organisations to move forward and add something to the funding of developer efforts and blockchain businesses.

The hackathon’s motive is to provide a boost to the aelf developer community as well as help it expand to allow the growth of projects with the end goal of expanding the aelf ecosystem.

The latest news from the industry is responsible for the force behind the occasion and has gotten a lot of consideration from professionals who want to plunge into the meta universe.

As per the distributed re-enrollment log,
60 groups of individuals based in the United States, UK, Singapore, India and some other countries tried to reach out to aelf group.

However, the outcome will be out on 15th of February, 2022 and the jury’s evaluation should be done in the same way. Knowsec, RockX, Bountyblok, Bitmain, Cipher 9 Ventures, Microsoft MVP, Tencent, and IEEE are among the industry experts that have decided to drive OASIS.

Aelf ecology has established a $500,000 seed capital fund to aid in the growth of the company. According to the network,
Hackathon has got GameFi’s back. They help GameFi connect talented individuals from across the world and swiftly get off the ground. Both of them are on development and contributing to the growth of the Aelf environment.

Our community looks forward to encouraging hackathons and the outcomes as well. Fortunately, we hold some of the best individuals to support the viewpoints of the hackers. It acts as a base for the development of our community as well as opens doors for the developers talents to come on our platform. This is just the start. There’s much more, “said Haobo Ma, CEO of aelf.

About aelf

aelf is known as a decentized Blockchain marketplace. Individuals and developers from across the globe are welcomed to use their high-speed open infrastructure. The network can connect to current ecologies that are safe, reliable, easy to use, and transparent in a seamless manner.


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