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The Sandbox airdrops 2.6M $SAND to LAND owners


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Popular Ethereum-based virtual reality project, The Sandbox has airdropped over two million of its native token, $SAND. The project announced the development in a Twitter post on its verified handle on Tuesday. According to The Sandbox, it initiated the airdrop to felicitate its 1000th day on Metaverse.

The Sandbox said only its loyal land owners will benefit from the airdrop. Notably, it wants users to claim the airdrop reward through their respective profile sections. After loading their profiles, they are encouraged to use the “claim rewards” button to access the airdrop. According to the protocol, its loyal users can begin to claim the rewards from today, 25th October 2022. Interestingly, The Sandbox says the distribution of the rewards “take into account the ownership, the holding time and if the LAND is bridged on Polygon at the time of the snapshot.”

Additionally, the Ethereum-based gaming protocol said users can stake the airdropped $SAND. It, however, urged those interested in staking the token to click here to enjoy one of its staking programs.

Recall that $SAND as its native token runs as an ERC-20 crypto, aiding all transactions and interactions on the network. Reportedly, the token enjoys a circulating supply of 1.3 billion and a total supply of 3 billion respectively.

Beyond $SAND, there are other tokens on The Sandbox. According to findings, the tokens are ASSETS and LAND. While the former runs as an ERC-1155 token, tradable on the protocol’s marketplace, the latter runs as an ERC-721 token, purchased by users to explore games, assets and their interactive exposures.

The Sandbox waxing stronger in the Metaverse sphere

Worth noting, that The Sandbox since its entry into Metaverse has continued to wax stronger. It usually embark on numerous empowerment of its creators, builders and others, allowing for exploration of NFTs and DAOs. More so, it aids the production of User Generated Content, thereby aiding users experience.

Over time, it has consistently partnered with numerous projects to aid the adoption of the evolving metaverse sphere. Recently, it collaborated Renault Korea Motors, a South Korean Subsidiary of French Automaker Renault SA. The partnership manifested so as to provide virtual automotive experiences in the Metaverse. More so, the collaboration with Renault avails a new way for consumers to access and experience vehicles in the virtual sphere.

Also, it collaborated popular financial services provider group in Asia, DBS. As reported, The Sandbox wants to help DBS create a “DBS BetterWorld” on Metaverse. This project manifested to establish an “interactive metaverse experience showcasing the importance of building a better, more sustainable world and inviting others to come along.”

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