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SW DAO’s Latest Mobile Investing Application


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SW DAO is launching on the App Store its latest product, a mobile investing platform named Sun Wallet. The platform is the result of hard work after two months of design conceptualization and drafting. This new mobile investing application is the most ambitious project of SW DAO to date because it offers the latest technologies in automated investing.  

SW DAO is well-known for a range of strategic DeFi investment products that allocate capital based on Machine Learning and quantitative methods. 

Read the entire article to discover more about SW DAO’s latest mobile investing application!  

About Sun Wallet mobile investing platform  

Sun Wallet is an excellent investment tool for anyone looking to explore the cryptocurrency market’s potential. Sun Wallet uses the Polygon network to give automatic investment solutions to ensure you get the best market returns. Thanks to its user-friendly and straightforward design, the Sun Wallet app makes it simple for anybody to start crypto investment.   

The app’s design was built to help SWD token holders, and the entire Sun Wallet community buy, sell, swap, and efficiently manage their Polygon network tokens. Moreover, the users can organize their related tokenized investment products in this simple mobile application, available on iOS.   

The main features users will get on first launch:  

  • Creating a wallet & log into the wallet  
  • Protecting the wallet with a passcode  
  • Wallet overview  
  • List all your token assets with a balance  
  • List all your NFT assets with a preview  
  • Send tokens  
  • Receive tokens  
  • Single asset view  

Specifications of the app’s first version  

In addition to the significant functionalities listed above, the first official version of the Sun Mobile app will have the capability to create a Smart Contract Wallet on the Polygon network utilizing the SW DAO backend. The app can generate a wallet for you or log in and restore wallet access with a password. The primary screen of the program will provide a list of all acquired assets, tokens, and NFTs. In addition, the app may initiate token transfers and receive tokens (display a QR or wallet address). Furthermore, the Sun Wallet app will have notifications that alert the user when transactions are complete. 

The release is split up into four major milestones. Tentative milestone dates will be set for each milestone as the development progresses. The Alpha release within the SW DAO Discord community on TestFlight will provide first-hand access to those interested in submitting early design and user experience feedback. After v1.0 Milestone 4, subsequent releases will include an open launch on the Apple App Store where anyone can download the app with no invitation required. 

Why automated investing? 

Saving is one of the keys to long-term investment success.  If you use automated investment applications, you will notice the ease by which it is to compound your savings over the long term. Through the use of automated passive income solutions, SW DAO is unlocking what being financially free means for the common investors. 

Who is SW DAO? 

SW DAO provides several strategic DeFi investment solutions that manage capital using Machine Learning and quantitative techniques. 

The algorithms behind SW DAO analyze terabytes of data, including market data, social media posts, and blockchain activity, to find patterns and correlations that allow them to define market direction, volatility, and risk. SW DAO creates alpha-generating strategies based on the outputs of their systems, which are then evaluated scientifically. 

Sun Wallet is an excellent investment tool for anyone looking to leverage the cryptocurrency market’s potential. You can learn more about SW DAO’s latest mobile investing application on their official website. Moreover, SW DAO invites you to join their community on Telegram or Twittter, where you can be in touch with the latest news. 

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