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SushiSwap new CEO Jared Grey denies fraud allegations


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Newly appointed SushiSwap “Head Chef”, Jared Grey has debunked fraud allegations questioning his appointment with SushiSwap. In reaction to the allegations, the former Bitifineon boss engaged his followers on Twitter explaining why the claims are wrong.

Jared Grey swiftly established that he had never been involved in fraudulent activity. He walked down memory lane, claiming his business partner stole funds during the period he was raising funds for Bitifineon exchange in 2019. The SushiSwap CEO added that immediately the issue became known to him, and he didn’t hesitate to fire his business partner.

Further, he disclosed that, alongside other investors, he came up with a way of refunding the victims of the stolen funds. In a bid to back his claims, Jared Grey attached a medium post to his tweets regarding the stolen funds. Also, he reemphasized how he has always worked with integrity and how his previous co-workers could bear witness.

Meanwhile, he expressed displeasure regarding the keen attention on some of his business failures by a particular news organization. Though, the new SushiSwap boss admitted that the scrutiny is part of what comes with his job in the cryptocurrency space. Jared Grey left with parting words that the allegations are “caustic and wrong.” He divulged that he’s open to more questions at any time.

Controversies surrounding the appointment of Jared Grey

Recall that early this month, Jared Grey emerged as the Head Chef after winning with about 80% of a total of 13 million votes. Alongside the former Bitifineon CEO, about four other candidates participated in the ballot process. Prior to his appointment, SushiSwap battled with internal issues.

SushiSwap witnessed the departure of top officials from its rank. First, a founding member and CEO, pseudonymously identified as OxMaki, left the organization in September 2021. The following December, Chief Technology Officer Joseph Delong left to join Astaria, therefore leaving SushiSwap a huge vacuum to cover. For months, the decentralized exchange struggled with the governance of its protocol. Leading to the appointment of Jared Grey.

Meanwhile, the controversies before his appointment didn’t end after he became the boss of SushiSwap. Critics visited some of Jared Grey’s dealings in the past. Thus, birthing emerging allegations about his involvement in fraudulent activities during his time with Bitifineon. These allegations led to the recent disclaimer by Jared Grey.

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