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SupraOracles, Matry partners on NFT price feeds


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Popular Innovative blockchain platform, SupraOracles has partnered with Matry Protocol, a cross-chain NFT creation and liquidity protocol. The blockchain firm announced the development in a blog post on Wednesday. Through the partnership, Matry aims to offer high-quality NFT price feeds to SupraOracles to guarantee smooth NFT transactions.

Matry possesses the capacity to strengthen the NFT economy – Founder

The founder of Matry protocol, Kristopher Leo Lan has reacted to the partnership. According to him, Matry intends to revolutionize the NFT sector by inaugurating a new layer to the Web3 paradigm. He further that Matry will strengthen the economy and add huge inherent value to artist NFTs. Leo Lan described SupraOracles as the befitting partner for Matry to start the next-generation NFT market.

The Co-Founder and CEO of SupraOracles, Joshua D. Tobkin, also expressed his delight in the partnership with Matry. According to him, the goal of SupraOracles is to provide new innovative enterprises with blockchain oracle solutions. Tobkin further that the importance of providing NFT staking facility and liquidity is to ensure the growth of the NFT market.

As revealed, Matry runs as a cross-chain protocol which leverages next-generation NFT2.0 monetization, an automated NFT liquidity pool. The protocol allows users to create or back up rich DeFI-layered NFT collections. Also, it has the capacity to produce NFTs, with unique time-released, passive staking reward matrix. More so, Matry usually increases its on-chain liquidity by enabling NFT users to buy NFTs that generate residual rewards from different price-pegged derivative assets.

In addition, Matry utilizes Uniswap V2 pooling technology to build a reliable NFT production facility that can manage the modern NFT era2.0. Users can stake their Matry-owned NFT assets periodically.

Similarly, SupraOracles runs as an innovative blockchain platform that combines web3 with traditional financial markets. The protocol provides timely and safe solutions to issues. As revealed, the chain-independent oracle of Supra Oracle can build a Cross-chain link. This link will be used to ensure safe movement of NFT across the ecosystem.

SupraOracles’ partnership with Cloud City

Recently, SupraOracles signed a partnership deal with Cloud City, an open-world adventure. Supraoracles intends to improve its gaming experience through the partnership. In addition, SupraOracles aims to avail users with native Oracles. According to the protocol, the native oracle will be used in pricing feeds, dynamic NFTs, and transferring users data between chains.

In addition, SupraOracles intends to offer support to Cloud City by creating cross-chain bridges. This bridges will aid the transfer of assets across networks. Also, the protocol will provide NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse services to Cloud City.

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